PROJECT HUM’s Blockbuster menu takes the LOCAVORE movement ahead.


Well, your mind must surely be bewildered with confusion with what exactly the ‘Locavore’ movement is all about. All those who are into healthy food and lifestyle are surely aware that this is the new culinary movement based on the ‘farm-to-table’ concept. Sourcing fresh farm food and making it into a gourmet fine dining experience is the latest buzz. Browse through to read about our new culinary escapade that makes us go HUM HUM all the way!

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI strongly recommends PROJECT HUM in Bandra not just for its unique concept but for the electrifying and spectacular USP’s which have been perfected packaged for a successful sojourn. What we loved most about the Conscious Consumer Revolution approach to this  eatery is the International class that it radiates.

While there have been many outlets mushrooming around Bandra which promise to promote a healthy food ecosystem, they end up glamourizing the menu with low-cost alternatives. PROJECT HUM has a menu which is unpretentious, organic and loaded with goodness. There’s no over-doing the sweetness or tangy quotient in their dishes. THE LOCAL PRODUCE IS THE STAR ELEMENT IN THE DISH – and it surely outshines the overall impact. You would actually ponder – why haven’t I experienced so much freshness and crunchiness ever in salads?

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Some personal notes:

Our visit to PROJECT HUM at Bandra has left us with endearing memories not just for the menu but also for the adrenaline-pumping passion of 3 friends who are out to make a difference in eating healthy. Their vision is providing sustainable, healthy, eco-conscious and a luxurious treat to all their diners.

The food here is raking of the goodness and packed with a freshness ethos. The flavours are sub-consciously scintillating, the quirky twists are eye-openers for sure. Kudos to the team for introducing this concept,  boost the local economy and reduce the carbon footprint. MORE POWER TO ‘PROJECT HUM’ – you guys have a sure-shot winner on hand.

Some notes on the PROJECT HUM team:

When 3 friends get together with a formidable vision to create a CULT movement, their contributions and embryonical wizardry creates a revolution of sorts. While all of them have a tryst with hospitality, it’s the dynamism and spirit to make a difference to the culinary movement that makes PROJECT HUM a brand to reckon with.

Raghav Simha, the suave co-founder & Operations head at Project Hum greets, guides and impresses almost every diner who walks in for a meal. He elucidates his briefings about the concept and the emergence of this pulsating venture. Pragun Bajaj, another co-founder brings his techniques at fine dining and the dishes at Project Hum emerge from the combined love he has for cooking with fresh ingredients and sourcing from small farmer communities. Jatin Talreja, the third of the trio, brings his unique love for finance, marketing, and food and beverage together. The magical confluence of these hostel friends is all set to create a holocaust in the healthy food domain.

Here's our recommendations of what we enjoyed the most from the menu:


Ingredients - Buckwheat noodles, byadgi-peanut curry, glazed pk-choy, torus farm mushroom pickled cabbage

Review – One of the best SHOWSTOPPER dishes on the menu. Although there are inferences to a typical Thai gravy, this creamy creation has lilting, soft flavours that create more magic. Obviously, the fresh veggies add the outstanding flavours, not to mention the buckwheat noodles. Believe us, you would just be swooping onto the luscious gravy and munching on the goodness of the veggies.

BELT – The Open toast sandwich

Ingredients - Bacon jam, fried egg, satviki farm arugula, confit tomatoes

Review – You have the option to take this dish as a sandwich or an open toast. We experimented for the later and found it quite filling and satiating. The twist here is the bacon jam, something which we haven’t tried before. Scooping it from the bread toast, we loved the course, rustic texture of the bacon jam which adds the glam to this toast. Somehow the jam flavours get a wee-bit subdued thanks to the fried egg slice above it. Given a choice to be a Chef, we would remodel it a bit – like maybe have small shreddy chunks of boiled egg well-marinated with the bacon jam. After the jam is the star!

The sour bread toast texture seeps of authenticity of the ingredients used. The soft centre balances superbly with the subtle crunchiness on the exterior. Worth a try – and yes this could be your complete meal if you opt for the sandwich.

Everyday Mexican – Chef crafted salad

Ingredients - Green mix, bajra chilly, ragi nachos, corn salsa, avocado, beans, cashew-coriander dressing

Review – Whoever hates a Mexican platter surely lacks sense of the magical flavours that come with this cuisine. This Chef crafted salad is a dynamite package with some utopian twists which will zap your taste buds. The Bajra chilly is dramatically ethnic, the ragi nachos give the packaged competitors a run for their money, the corn salsa does a tango twist on your taste buds.

Although we were recommended to mix all of it with the thick, creamy salad dressing, we would suggest an alternative. Take a deep breath, enjoy the colourful bowl , take small bites of all the portions and experience the magnificent flavours. Then you can enjoy the bowl the way you want it.

Grilled fish Field plate

Ingredients - Fresh fish of the day served with mini jowar falafels, sweet potato fries, creamy hummus

Review – Another power-packed platter that does the rock-and-roll on the twists. The fresh fish (catch of the day) is juicy, radiates and exudes the salt water freshness. The Chef has dramatically under-played the traditional and typically standard tangy dressing. The subtle flavour notes detonate with the original juices and subtle condiments.

The showmanship and theatricals in this dish come up with blasting bonanzas in the form of the jowar falafels. Coin-sized miracles with some ballistic, popping flavours.  You wouldn’t miss your mayo or dressing – the creamy hummus is more than just a treat. And of course, the sweet potato fries would surely swoon you to the moon.

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Seasonal Strawberry Toast

Ingredients - Hokkaido sliced bread, strawberry and rhubarb compote, biscotti, fat free organic wildflower frozen yogurt, topped with homemade granola

Review – Everyone has their poison, ours always seems to a fabulous dessert which leaves sweet memories. We were thrilled to be the first ones to savour this yet-to-be-launched dessert. A masterpiece of sorts, with super-loaded dynamic flavours – this one is surely a winner.

What we loved most was the underplay of the sweetness quotient, the freshness of the strawberry chunks. While the frozen yogurt too was subtle on sweetness, this dessert has many fiesta twists which showcase the wizardry of the recipe. You may miss the sweet-punch factor (after all it’s a dessert) but this is shaken off with the granola crunches and the compote.

You must all try the Iced teas which have some sensational flavours or opt for their coffees and kombuchas.

As a parting note, our visit to PROJECT HUM was more than just food. We loved the learning we imbibed, the tempered-with-love dishes, the spirit of togetherness of promoting not just our farmers but also taking us back to our roots – HEALTHY EATING IS SURELY THE JOURNEY we all must experience and PROJECT HUM takes you on a roller-coaster ride of freshness, goodness loaded with the spirit of India.


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