TSUBAKI – Mumbai’s perfect Japanese-Korean treat for SoBo food connoisseurs!


As a foodie, have you been overloaded with an overdose of Pan Asian eateries around Mumbai? Are you looking out for something extravagant yet high-on flavours eating options? Well, Mumbai’s elite SoBo food connoisseurs have the ultimate choice for luxury fine dining…that too with a perfectly synchronized blend of the Japanese and Korean dishes.


TSUBAKI, located at Worli, blew our senses out – not just with the aesthetic brilliance of the décor but also the pulsating, passionate flavours and versatile menu. Elaborately housed with a ground plus two storeys, Tsubaki’s ambience is premium and classy. The entrance zone displays the hydroponic farming of the fresh green veggies (which are used for the dishes). The upper floor is the dining area which has immaculate paper chandeliers, a beautiful Geisha wall and the perfect soft lighting, with private lounge zones for a group of friends. The overall effect is pure bliss and divine. One level higher, houses the bar and the private party zone with the same classical décor touches.

On the food and flavour front, Tsubaki
promises patrons more than just the finest in Japanese cuisine. It promises an unparalleled sensory experience that will transport diners to Japan’s cherry blossom lined streets. Flavours rule supreme, minute sizzling spice touches add the scintillating, dramatic dimensions to the dishes – even the variety of dips create that insane, ballistic magic to every dish. Service is bang-on, the servers are well trained, brief you on the ingredients and assist in making the right choices.

A special mention on the personalized attention provided by Mr. Joseph Sequeira. We went through with him on the choice of dishes to explore and we were completely satisfied.

TSUBAKI is surely to recreate the sizzle of connoisseur fine dining with a Tsunami effect for all those food fanatics who would love to venture into the original Japanese and Korean culinary delights. Simply wow, and yes, we are surely coming back to sample some more!

Here's what we sampled:

Appetisers and main course:

Tsubaki salad – A classic dish with a refined touch – a perfect dish to start your meal with. The freshness, crunchiness of the hydroponic green veggies takes you to a penultimate high with the rustic seasonings, especially the finely chopped onion strings. A true masterpiece for sure!

Tsubaki special philly cheese – The ultimate wonder on the menu! We were informed by the serving team to avoid having it with any dips and enjoy the sensational flavours it would offer. The creamy, cheese, a bit sweet and partially spice-sprinkled creates a magic on the taste buds. A must try for sure!

Chicken gyoza – Confident
flavours, butterfly light yet perfectly packed and full of flavour. 

Rock corn tempura – A perfect version for the vegetarians. The rock corn effect merged perfectly with the juicy corn pieces in the center is amazing.

Prawns tempura – One of the crunchiest and perfectly cooked prawn tempuras we have tried in recent times.

Pajeon – Crisp-edged Korean pancakes that remind you of Indian variations but this one is perfectly spiced with strands of red chilli. Quite a tummy-filling dish which adds different flavours with the variety of dips that are available.

Burnt garlic koshi hikari rice – One of the best rice dishes you would have tasted. A perfect balance if you have tried a series of spicy dishes. This rice has a sweet aroma, slightly like a sticky rice but has a perfect texture.

Spiced noodles – Although we haven’t been a noodle fan, this dish surely swoons you with the slippery noodles and the oozing, titillating soupy gravy. The veggies are perfectly cooked and you won’t stop before you finish the dish.

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Coffee jelly – A variation to a fruit salad, minus the fruit. This dessert is loaded with coffee jelly chunks, which have a tinge of chocolate taste. A perfect treat for non-chocolate lovers who prefer subtle flavours for their dessert.

Japanese cotton cheesecake – A super-loaded, bun-shaped cheesecake which is soft, pillowy and a true-blue authentic version of the Japanese cheesecake. The strawberry compote is perfect and the miniature rose-shaped marzipan adds the eclectic drama to the dessert. Quite satiating and subtle!


Nihon no natsu – Officially translated as ‘double suicide’ in the Japanese language, this cocktail has the watermelon as the base. Very subtle, pleasing to the senses and worth trying.

It’s a Macha’A – A macha flavored cocktail without the spike or bland effect. The tanginess blends perfectly with the alcohol and the overall effect makes it a memorable cocktail.

So get ready to enjoy the multitude of flavours that this #newplacealert TSUBAKI has to offer!

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