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Mish Sen - I’m on a mission to make Indian food accessible to everyone.
Shreya Gautam - Relate to your audience and make the content engaging.
Tashneem Ali Chaudhury – Being critical helps you to stand out!
Saiyyad Rahil Ali - An influencer’s verdict is the best word-of-mouth publicity for a brand.
Vishakha Bhuta – Without authenticity, you can't go a long way.
Pavan Pamnani - Do not lose HOPE ever.
Chakshu Jain – A ‘real and raw’ review is what the audiences are looking for.
Aryeman - Influencing is a like a high-octane drug.
Bhavya Gandhi - You should be your only competition.
Geeta Hansaria - A strong belief in the brand is of utmost importance.
How an Indian content creator made $5200 during the pandemic?