10 Must Have's at The Park Hotel, Navi Mumbai


A perfect staycation is complete not just with a great hotel property’s service and décor but also when they serve lip-smacking and delightful food which leaves warm, endearing memories in your mind.

Like we promised to do a detailed food review of our staycation at THE PARK HOTEL, NAVI MUMBAI – here we are listing out the Top 10 Must Haves at this eclectic property. We chose to order food from their a la Carte menu and our basic, informative discussion with the Chefs helped them understand our choices of flavours.


We always believe that there is a thin, fine-line between spice and spicy. While most five-star properties cater to International and continental standards, the food normally laid out on the buffet menu has subtle inferences of flavours since they have to cater to the mass appeal. Ordering your choice of dishes and briefing the Chef always helps you get the exact spice quotient you desire.

The Chef team at THE PARK HOTEL, NAVI MUMBAI went the extra mile of curating some special dishes and adding those creative touches to some existing fusion dishes. Their pro-activeness is surely appreciated since they give in to our demands especially when they had a destination wedding and a corporate function during our stay.

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI gives a round of applause to THE PARK HOT, NAVI MUMBAI for exceeding our expectations on all fronts – be it service, hospitality and even the food. It is these brownie points that inspire us to scream from rooftops that ‘YOU HAVE BEEN A WINNER ALL THE WAY – MORE POWER TO YOU GUYS!’

Here's our favourites which we ordered from their A la Carte menu:

Tomato basil soup

The perfect lunchtime treat, a fresh start is definitely the way to go. This soup had the perfect combination of tomato and basil which delivered maximum flavour with minimum effort. The slightly aromatic flavours of the basil pair beautifully with the sweet-sharp tomatoes for a zingy taste. A perfect start!

Corn Cones

These bugle shaped corn chips are super-loaded with some enticing flavours. The cone shaped chips hold the perfect texture. The flavour seasoning mixed with corn kernels was quite tasty, a mildly spicy flavour that put a slightly hot aftertaste which was worth relishing. A perfect starter – pure dynamite in a small cone!

Charcoal paneer

In India, a party without tandoori starters is not a party at all.  Be it a get-together, barbeque, or dinner parties, tandoori dishes are a must.

One of our first-try’s at the Charcoal paneer version, we found it decent which could have been a show stopper. For any paneer tikka variation what one expects is especially flavored with that ideal mingle of spices. The charcoal coating was perfectly thin although the taste was had something amiss. The paneer was surely soft but lacked any smoky flavour of the marinated or the tandoor-cooked paneer. The jaw-dropping spicy tingle was missing which failed to give that inexpressible feeling of joy.

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Dahi ke kebabs

One of the most outstanding melt-in-the-mouth dahi kebabs we have tried in recent times. Everything about it was pitch-perfect. Be it the slight crisp and flaky texture on the outside and is moist and creamy on the inside – this dish was a piece of art. The flavours created havoc with the slightly sensational spice elements. Served with a spicy green, mint chutney it did wonders to our taste buds.

Eggplant Manchurian

When you are tasting a series of small portions and the Chef insists you try this dish, you almost sense he has a winner on hand. The eggplant may not be one of the choicest dishes most diners would love experimenting with – but this was pure dynamite and an award-winning creation.

The Chef chose to make this dish in a semi-dry gravy creation, which retained the saucy style of the Manchurian. Trust me, this Eggplant Manchurian is definitely a delicacy which you must try from the menu. The flavours were sensational, the gravy texture smooth and robust, you surely wouldn’t be able to unravel the original eggplant flavour if you hadn’t been informed. Three cheers to the Chef for the soothing, delectable and endearing flavours.

Paneer tikka masala combo

Another dish that we were literally seduced into trying out. This portion includes the ultimate flavours with dazzling flavours to a semi-gravy panner tikka masala dish. We skipped the rice portion and enjoyed feasting on the masala with the salads. Another must have on your list.


Veg handi biryani

Loaded with rich aromas, perfectly cooked and blended with textured masala – this handi biryani is a treat for sure. The veggies are crunchy and fresh which add more dynamics to the dish.

 Veg kadai

This dish went perfectly with the veg biryani. The delicious and vibrant Veg Kadai gravy was filled with rich flavours, aromatic spices and vegetables.

There were various complex flavours coming from the aromatics like onions, ginger, garlic, the mix vegetables and a unique aroma and flavour from the ground roasted spices. The Chef surely ensure that the overall impact was a finger-licking, luscious and phenomenal.


Ras Malai

There's no better way to end a lavish meal than to indulge in the richness of this delicious dessert. If you are a fan of this soft and light sweet dish, you have reached the right spot.  The ras malai we savoured was lip-smacking and the cottage cheese balls were liberally soaked in lusciously thick, sweetened milk. With a good Ras malai sweet ending, the Chef team surely has captured your heart.


Smoked Orange Whisky Cocktail

This cocktail was a gloriously grown-up concoction with a gentle smoky back-note to the whiskey. This was accentuated by the aromas from the slightly burnt orange peels that introduced an amazing infusion of flavours. A power-packed cocktail which you will relish. Do try this one for sure.

 Go ahead and book your staycation with THE PARK HOTEL, NAVI MUMBAI!!

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