THE ORCHID, MUMBAI - Mumbai’s Perfect Wedding Destination!!

Getting married is a big step in anyone’s life. Once you find the right partner and decide to spend the rest of your lives together, your life is bound to change…for the better, of course! The Indian traditions still continue to vouch for having elaborate wedding rituals…all with loads of colour, fun and mastii. While the family wants to enjoy all the ceremonies, the ganna-bhajana and naachna – it’s best to leave the headache of organising and execution to someone you can trust!!

The Orchid, Mumbai in Vile Parle hosted a ‘Weddings with Orchid’ brunch on May 29th, 2022. WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI was party to all the elaborate arrangements, grandeur and fine cuisine which they had to offer.

WHY WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI recommends THE ORCHID, MUMBAI as the perfect Wedding destination –
is primarily for the prime reason that perfection in all the segments was fool-proof and impeccable. Right from the décor ideas and menu inspirations, everything was pitch-perfect.

The main element of hosting the Wedding Brunch at Orchid was to spotlight the elite partners who exhibited their finest work along with the lavish spread of global cuisine. So be it a majestic fairy-tale wedding or an elegant outdoor ceremony, THE ORCHID team of wedding specialists help curate the perfect themed stimulations, floral décor or sound, light, and photography requirements. So, this takes care of all the headaches a family has to go through during the wedding ceremony. And Yes, the hotel property did a fantastic job with the showcasing.

Our review on the food menu:

We were lucky to try out some amazing North Indian, Gujurati and Rajasthani menu which was the flavour of the day. The menu, curated by the property’s culinary experts added authentic flavours which accentuated long-lasting memories for us. The balance of the vegetarian dishes was perfectly matched. Some of the lip-smacking delectable dishes we enjoyed tasting were the Ker sangri, ghatte ki sabzi, jungli chicken, nalli nihari, pakode wali kadhi – all of them made to perfection with volcanic, mind-blowing flavours.

The starter menu section was super-loaded with fresh salads and other creations that left amazing flavours to the palate. A worthy mention to the mango lassi and of course the gewar-rabdi which were pure divine.

What impressed us more:

 A round of applause the expert team of pastry Chefs at The Orchid Mumbai for unfurling the most elaborate dessert range. Every dessert was a masterpiece that added a dash of sweet delight.

On the service front, we must admit the friendly, ready-to-please hostesses who ensured that all your needs were met deserve a round of applause. Their guidance on choosing the dishes or even highlighting the ingredients is truly applaudable.


THE ORCHID, Mumbai surely dazzled us with the outstanding, delectable menu for the day. The ingenious combination of the North Indian and Gujurati cuisine was perfect. A point to note here is that the food was totally fresh (unlike other brunches) and piping hot. We did notice the Chefs ensuring that all was fine on the dining tables.

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On the menu creation, the flavour quotient was distinctively delectable – the Indian spices ruled the roost, the food was laced with delectable notes.

So, if you have a wedding in the family, THE ORCHID, Mumbai is an amazing property which would take charge of all your headaches and ensure that you and your family enjoy the wedding ceremonies. The pristine professionalism, the dynamism of the team and the strong heritage of superfluous service have always been the hallmarks of THE ORCHID.


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