Hilton Mumbai launches its ‘Lebanese Food Festival’.


Hilton Mumbai has always been a pioneer in hosting some amazing curated events for its diners. This time, they have come with an outstanding array of the Lebanese cuisine, which has caught the fancy of the connoisseur foodies of Mumbai.

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI was honored with the privilege of being the first one to review this festival. Launched on 25th March 2022, THE BRASSIERE (where the festival is being hosted) was packed with diners. The ambience was programmed to set the flow of the theme, loads of colored lanterns adorned the tables and the entrance décor. The perfect theme has been finely curated with some exquisite dishes which are a super-hit with food lovers.

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI strongly recommends the Lebanese Food Festival for the prime reason that Hilton Mumbai has always maintained high standards, not just when it comes to uniqueness but also of taking the flavour quotient to dynamic levels. We were thoroughly impressed with the variety, the superfluous service and memorable experience we were showered with.

What we tried:

Although the buffet area was balanced with other Indian cuisine dishes too, we chose to sample only the Lebanese specialties. The cold mezze section had all the Hummus, Babaghanouj, Mutable, Fattoush, Tabbouleh, and vine leaves from Middle Eastern cuisine and other varieties which could be effectively blended with the salad options. The rich textures of the cold mezze were surely soothing and had a creamy feel that tingled our taste buds.

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A live counter is also on display where you could have your shawarmas and grilled kebabs made as per your choice. We chose to have the small portions since we preferred to test-and-taste most of the offerings. The starter section had some authentic veg and non-veg options which had a strong Arabic influence. Every effort has been taken to stick to the original flavours.

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On the dessert front, we tried the Baklava and the Oum Ali (bread pudding) which surely needed more punch to match the originals. The mocktails are a tangy, colorful mix which surely need to be tried. What makes this festival notches above is the fact that they have a daily change menu in some sections of the desserts and the main course.

We would like to add that the personalized attention from Mr. Vipul and Mr. Brijesh proved the pro-active service conscious approach Hilton Mumbai has for its diners.

Go ahead and indulge in the Lebanese flavours, we are sure your family would also love the spread!

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