9 Incredible must-haves at DIABLO, Worli.



Pay attention, you're in MUMBAI, the city that never sleeps and there's partying to be done. And if there's one thing Mumbai is good for, it's places to bloody parrrrtay. It doesn't matter if you're looking for somewhere to go clubbing, a place to enjoy some cocktails or somewhere to dance and have a good meal too, party bars in Mumbai are rife and raucous.

Deceiving to the naked eye, what might start out as a cocktail or two will turn into a fully-fledged night out with this little lot. WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI ventured into DIABLO, based in Worli and were we amazed at not just the décor but also the appetizing, flavourful and scrumptious menu they have to offer. Not to make a special mention of the creatively curated desserts and cocktails.

Tamasha, the earlier outlet in the same spot was surely a hot-spot for SoBo party goers and DIABLO takes this some notches ahead. The sprawling, party mood interiors are colourful and stylised. The inviting vibe that one gets is too enthralling and gets you into the mood. The balancing act of blending the perfect menu options, sizzling cocktails and sinful desserts is something which has surely hit the bull’s eye. DIABLO has a winner on hand!!

A special mention to our server Ms. Bhoomi – her service was superfluous and surely note-worthy. She was always around to check if we needed something. She surely deserves a pat on her back.

Here's what we tried and would recommend:

Papaya salad – Slurpy, tangy, crunchy to perfection. This salad is surely the best way to stay your meal at Diablo. One of the best salads we have tried in recent times.

Umami soup – A clear soup with spring onion shreds and mushrooms would surely lilt your taste buds. The Chef has miraculously transformed a basic soup into a zippy, progressive mix. Another must try!

Muhammara – A slight variation from the conventional, customary version of the original Arabic. Yet, this creation stands out with magnitude and is relish-worthy. The Turkish bread complements the additional tanginess to the muhammara in a sublime manner. What we missed though were fewer chunks of walnut and the rustic feel of the dry fruit.

Lucifer – An amazing, soothing and slurpy mocktail.

Devil’s garden – One of the most amazing cocktails. On a first look, we hoped that this would be different since the visual appeal of this cocktail has been replicated by most party zones. But the flavours were surely outstanding.

Mushroom Bao – These mushroom shaped baos are the showstoppers for sure. The perfection of the melt-in-the-mouth experience will surely amaze you. A Killer, you surely won’t stop at just one!

Pesto Pizza – We tried a mini pizza, but somehow the pesto base flavour was under-shadowed. The pesto pizzas at certain vegan outlets have a generous helping and amazing flavours to offer. Still worthy of a try!

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Bourbon Chilli Garlic Prawns – Luscious, fleshy though the chilli and garlic flavour is too subtle. Possibly, the intention here is to revel, relish and savour the fleshy meat.

SHWKulata Alniyaral – We had to opt for this since the Baklava dessert was unavailable. Rich, thick textures of chocolate and brownie perfectly laced without being too sweet. A must try.

So, if you are looking for a perfect party spot which offers you some excellent culinary, gastronomic menu packaged with some neatly, perfected premium handcrafted cocktails – DIABLO is surely your place to go!

You surely won’t regret it since now you have the 9 Incredible must-haves at DIABLO, Worli.


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