Celebrity Chef Bharat Kumar’s ‘Ratatouille Diaries’ cooks up a gastronomic storm in Mumbai.


A couple of decades ago, eating out as a vegetarian meant you could 'look forward' to a salad of lettuce leaves and tomatoes, or for something a bit more 'exotic,' a jacket potato could be served – but hold the butter. Food habits have changed drastically and the number of people following a vegetarian diet has increased dramatically. More so, the Chefs have started churning out some delectable, lip-smacking meals which have many a non-vegetarian foodie licking their lips in delight.


We have been the fortunate ones to savour, indulge and scream with joy on the delectable flavours which are rolled out every week with the gastronomic delightful menu from ‘Ratatouille Diaries’. The fusion blends to different Indian cuisines with an international touch is so miraculously and perfectly blended that you would relish these juicy memories for a life time. This boy will surely make India proud!!

Chef Bharat Kumar is not just a magician, he’s a wizard at curating some flavoursome dishes – this young boy has an imaginative intelligence with the recipes and whips up taste sensations that are sure titillations to your taste buds. So if you are looking for a gourmet meal to knock off your foodie genes, RATATOUILLE DIARIES is your perfect choice.


Browse through to read more about Chef Bharat Kumar and his journey. 

Your earliest memories about cooking are:

I vividly remember me experimenting and cooking with my maternal grandmother. We tried variations to traditional Indian sweets like dhodha, malpua, kulfi. I still remember my mom scolding us a lot since we had messed up the entire kitchen.

Tell us a bit about your experience with the MasterChef auditions.

My grandfather saw an advertisement in the newspaper and was very keen in me participating. Initially, I was reluctant. It was only when my mom started discussing about the competitions rounds that I got really excited. The round inclusions were a food quiz, blind taste test and a cook marathon. Each round ended with eliminations. My mom was also a contestant in this. She made it till the blind taste test. When I won the competition, she was overwhelmed and gave me a hug. I was lucky to receive the award from Chef Ranveer Brar.

How did the journey for ‘Ratatouille Diaries’ begin?

Ratatouille Diaries began because I have an obsessive cooking disorder. Cooking is therapeutic for me and gives me happiness. I always loved experimenting and doing a fusion with cuisines. This is one of the reasons we, at Ratatouille Diaries we serve gourmet fusion food.

What were the hardships and hurdles you faced?

I got into food because it makes me happy. Not because I wanted to be stressed around it. I had a dilemma running in mind whether or not to have a corporate career shift. But elders always give you words of wisdom which change your thinking and perception. For me, the maxim is, ‘when you are happy within is when you do wonders’. I am now in my happy space watching my venture grow to penultimate heights. The client compliments are the best motivating factor for me to forge ahead with more gusto and ‘josh’.

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Choosing to focus on only vegetarian meals must have been a challenge. What made you choose this option?

I have and am a vegetarian by choice. Experimenting with flavours, cuisines, creating signature dishes, requires one to be comfortable in what they cook. The focus to prepare meals in a pure vegetarian home kitchen wasn’t a calculative approach. It was to make people aware of the numerous options available in gourmet veg variety. And with the stupendous response even from non-vegetarian foodies, I think we have won the battle.

‘Ratatouille Diaries’ conjures up some amazing menus every week. How do you manage to come up with such creative recipes on fusion foods?

As I said, I have an obsessive cooking disorder. Food runs in my mind and heart 24*7. I sleep, breathe and dream about food. I do my research, create fusion menu options, prepare a sampler for my family to taste. They are the best critics who offer me a non-judgmental verdict on what needs to be improved or toned down. Based on the family feedback, I improvise my new creation, shoot the sampler – a video-making journey and upload it as a teaser for my client.

Which Chefs have inspired you in your journey and why?

Like they always say, you always have your ideals at home and then you start looking for new ones in the outer world. For me, my true source of inspirations has been my maternal grandmother, my paternal grandmother and my mom. Later, I started following and idolizing Yolanda Gampp and Chef Vikas Khanna. There are also many others who have inspired me. Their cooking style, their happy-go-lucky vibe, out-of-the-box thinking is what resonates with me. I always add my own dynamic, quirky touch to make my signature dishes unique and lip-smacking.

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What sets your venture a league ahead of the competition?

I always feel that the food which is made by heart is sure to touch the client’s heart. We prepare food with love and are never stressed around it. This marks the USP of Ratatouille Diaries. We, at Ratatouille Diaries deliver gourmet fusion home-cooked meals every weekend. We come up with a new menu every week. We also take customized party orders / customized meal orders. We also do exclusive bulk corporate gifting. As a policy, we use organic, best quality ingredients and believe in the mantra of ‘eating good inside out’. Clients compliment us that they prefer ordering from us coz they are assured of premium delicacies and flavours which even a high-profile fine-dining restaurant hasn’t offered them yet.

Your corporate party packs seem to be doing some amazing business. What are the choices you put forth to them?

We step into client’s needs, understand the occasion, target audience for hampers, durability of hampers and thus provide our clients with relevant hamper options.

 What are your success mantras when it comes to?

             ·      Devising a nice dish

Indulgence with Sustenance

 ·      Managing a team in the kitchen

Making sure that everyone feels Ratatouille Diaries as their baby

 ·      Balancing your personal life with a hectic professional life

Going on food exploration trips, practicing Zumba and yoga 

How do you plan to scale your business in the next two years?

Establishing Ratatouille Diaries Pan India to start with and collaborating with other home chefs. My ultimate aim and vision is to run a Michelin star fine-dining restaurant in the near future.

What is your favorite cuisine?

I practice what I preach, I eat what I love. So, I thoroughly endorse the ‘Modern Indian’ cuisine – the creative mix successfully delivers tantalizing flavours of both worlds.

To place your customized gourmet orders, do connect with them on their Instagram page link https://www.instagram.com/ratatouillediaries/

Or WhatsApp them at +91845140065


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