Summer special – ‘Moonshine’ with Meads on your next house party.


With temperatures soaring high, there’s this constant battle from something cool, sizzling and tangy to quench your thirst. On the personal front, we are bored to death with the beer and the breezers – our quest led us to experiment with MEADS. Our first sip of meads was at a winery during one of our trips. We surely were flummoxed with the tingling, rich, ripe, oozing flavours which ended up on a sweet honey after-taste. Isn’t that enough temptation to move your connoisseur likings to something that offers all this and more!

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI RECOMMENDS ‘MOONSHINE MEADS – for the prime reason that they have some amazing flavours at the most affordable prices. The Meads from Moonshine are a gluten-free alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey with fruits and spices. For not many who know much about meads, must realize that this brand has created a revolution in the alcohol-beverage category. The flavours instantly catch on unlike for a first-time beer-sipper.


What makes Moonshine Meads the best option which gets addictive is the sensational flavours they have on shelf.

The brand offers three signature flagship meads (available throughout the year)—Apple Cyder Mead, Traditional Mead and Coffee Mead. Besides this, they have a spectrum of seasonal meads (referred to as MeadLABs). These include Salted Kokum Mead, Guava Chilli Mead, Chocolate Orange Mead, and Bourbon Oaked Apple Mead, amongst many others. Each one has a distinctive flavour that lingers on, especially the sweet honey notes that hit you every time you take a sip.

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For a beer lover, Mead is like beer and not like beer; it’s like wine and not like wine. Overall, Mead tends to be a bit stronger than beer without much of the bitter taste depending on the flavour you choose. That’s where Moonshine Meads make the difference – their choice of flavours adds that tangy punch which is well-balanced and almost perfect.

The review:

We tried a couple of different flavours of the ‘Moonshine Meads’ and the overall experience has been something unique and endearing. Something that we relished with every sip. While some meads can be super sweet, super dry or in between, depending on the fruit flavour you have chosen. What we liked best that all the flavours amplified the complexities of a high-quality honey, the wine-like fermentation-born aromatics beautifully complemented the honey’s flavour.

A pat on the back for the friend-duo, Nitin Vishwas and Rohan Rehani, who have reacquainted the drink lover audience to this ‘Elixir of the Gods’. Meads will continue to be a Connoisseurs favourite since the euphoria still has to catch on and capture the heavily infested beer industry.

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So, go ahead and order your favourite ‘Moonshine Meads’ flavours from your local wine or beer shop and get hooked onto it. We are sure you will enjoy them as much as we did. And yes, they are available at an affordable pricing too!

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