Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas – The Ultimate Binge for the health freaks.


We all love binging and munching throughout the day. But surely for the health conscious, making the right choice is of prime importance.

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI strongly recommends THE HEALTHY BINGE – a delectable series of crispies made from ragi, jowar and moringa which are rich in proteins, iron, calcium and other fibres.



THE HEALTHY BINGE stands out from the competition with its unique taste, flavours and health benefits. Not only are these crispies gluten-free, they also have some vegan options.


The packaging and branding is supreme, the pricing is surely value for money. Besides this, some of their ingredients are sourced from farmers from the Konkan region. These baked munchies use sunflower oil for seasoning unlike most brands which make use of the harmful palm oil.

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The Ultimate Binge for the health freaks.

India’s first prebiotic skincare brand.

A 100% organic wellness brand.

Perfect curated products for babies.

Soothing soy wax candles and bio-degradable tea-light holders.

So it’s time to say goodbye to empty calories, MSG filled, greasy chips and say hello to wholesome healthy treats! Each pack of The Healthy Binge consists of 5.5g Proteins, 35mg of Calcium, 4g Dietary Fibres and 1mg of Iron.

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