Summer Special – TUDE ICE CREAMS – the spell-binding range for the Fine Connoisseur Ice Cream lovers!


Come Summer and we are yearning for something that would take us to a cooler zone. What better than a rich, creamy, cool ice cream tub which the entire family can relish. While most of us have savoured the new, different flavours that are on the menu for most ice cream brands – TUDE not just comes in with a refreshing change but has created a tsunami which will wipe out the competition.

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Rare ingredients, fine textures and quality, and slightly heavy on the pocket. Yup, we’re talking about rich artisanal and home-made ice-cream. Die-hard fans of ice cream will not think twice before spending more on a scoop which is hand-crafted from the purest quality of ingredients. Artisanal ice cream has its own charm and a bunch of loyal fans too! Unlike most ice-cream parlours, artisanal ice-cream is produced in small batches as against mass production with lots of fresh ingredients and love. 

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI strongly recommends TUDE ICE CREAMS  This brand surely lives upto it’s tagline of ‘An experience you can’t resist’. Every tub of TUDE lends out that ecstatic, euphoric and

explosively delightful feeling of joy which makes you scream for more. Die-hard fans of ice cream will not think twice before spending more on a scoop which has these cutting-edge, new-fangled flavours that blitzkrieg your imagination with their ballistic, rich creaminess.

How the TUDE journey started?

An avid traveler with a sweet tooth, Maddy used to miss the taste and quality of real good ice creams back in India. Having tried all the local brands (including the artisanal ones), he wanted more people to experience the delight of having a premium quality ice-cream. When the lockdown happened, he realized there weren’t many players in the Indian premium quality ice cream segment. That’s when he decided it was time to create a revolution. A revolution which would be a class-apart from the herd, with untouched flavours that would swoon every connoisseur ice cream literally scream with joy.

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Getting world-class food chefs and pastry chefs on-board, the brand spent intensive time developing ice creams of international standards. Extensive research was done on sourcing quality ingredients that added the punch, sizzle and zing to the brand. TUDE was born, and it has already take the city by storm.

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Our review:

Everything about TUDE is pitch-perfect, right from the tagline, the branding, the packaging and the delivery service. What makes this a stand-out brand is the unusual flavours and obviously the exotic, upscaled, uptown international feeling one gets when you take a scoop.

The rich, creaminess perfection adds the penultimate high to the taste buds. It’s not just a ‘relishing moment’ but that elated high which oozes of premium, superior quality.

Which flavours did we try?

Classic Vanilla Bean – Going by the old adage, ‘Nobody forgets a classic’, this one is made from rich French vanilla bean extracts. Surely the flavours add a new dimension to the ubiquitous vanilla range.

The Strawberry Cream – You no longer need to visit Mahableshwar to try this out. Every spoon is true love in every bite. The rich, creamy texture with a subtle tinge of the strawberry adds the perfect punch to it. The brand has selectively chosen to have subtle traces of strawberry which makes this more affectionate.

Butter Caramel Crunch – While most of us are fans of the regular butterscotch, this one is eons ahead. The lip-smacking caramel flavours will swoon you, the softness with the melt-in-the-mouth blend makes it more endearing.

The Bubblegum Burst – A favorite not just for the kids but an all-age favourite. You have to taste this to realize the magic it creates.

The Blueberry Cheesecake – An ultimate perfect blend of a ‘berry’ cheesy love affair. You will wipe out all memories of a cheesecake ice cream you have earlier sampled.

Chunky Choco Fudge – Rich, dark temptations for the chocolate lovers. This one is surely sinful, deliciously dark and an enticingly, gratifying experience.

TUDE will surely create that wildfire holocaust in the ice cream industry. A standing ovation to Maddy and his team for unfurling and revolutionizing the way ice cream lovers relish this screaming delight!!

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