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With petrol and diesel prices shooting up every day, commuting seems to be adding a toll on your wallet. Added to this, the #GoGreen and #MadeInIndia euphoria seems to be catching up with Indians all over. The electric bike seems to be just the right option and WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI came across this wonderful creation “MIRACLE5” which not just fits the bill but is the unprecedented consumer favorite.

WHY WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI RECOMMENDS “MIRACLE5” - The brand’s vision for future is to produce 10,000 bikes per month by mid-2023. The brand has seen steady growth over the past years and aims to continue this upward growth trajectory with a projected 210% growth rate. Miracle5 also plans to launch licensed motorcycles in near future. Currently, the brand has 110 dealers based across the country and aims to take this number up to 350 showrooms with 30 owned outlets, in a bid to create a more extensive pan-India presence.


How the journey began?

On a hot July afternoon, fifteen years back, an electric scooter rolled out of a modest workshop in the heart of the bustling city of Pune. The notion of an electric scooter was not only implausible but its technology was also ambiguous at that time. Fashioned into existence, amid a city known for its two-wheeler culture, the electric scooter was nothing short of a miracle. It saw the rise of an electric two-wheeler brand Miracle5 in the pursuit of a ‘greener’ future. At a time when the country was making all possible endeavors, to lower its dependence on crude oil import, an early adoption of electric two-wheelers was an evolutionary step in itself.

The brainwave behind MIRACLE5:

The electric scooter was a manifestation of a young entrepreneur, who dreamt of creating an eco- friendly machine which was also great value for money. Mr. Bhushan Shah successfully launched a product in the domain of personal transport with state-of-the art features.


Toiling for days on end, Mr. Shah put in effort to comprehend and master the working of electric two-wheelers. He gathered know how of setting up a robust production infrastructure with great emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. It was during this momentous time that he handed the keys of his first ever electric scooter to Anand Kulkarni with much confidence and trust.  


The brand ideologies:

A reflection of this very trust and confidence reverberates on the roads of Pune every time a Miracle5 engine ignites, even today. The scooter emblemizes the loyalty and faith that Miracle5 and Mr. Shah stand for. The pillars which form the essence foundation of Miracle5 are Speed, Direction, Power, and Sustainable Energy.

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The brand has catalyzed a movement of conscious consumerism backed by stalwart technology, sustainability and brand loyalty resulting in a staggering production of 100 bikes every month. Advocating the use of sustainable energy mediums, the first scooter that Miracle5 built continues to inspire people. It continues to motivate them to making their own personal contribution to the saving of environment. 

Despite its meteoric rise, the brand’s ethos and principals are no different from what they were 13 years ago. The core team of this brand’s custodians is united in their passion for excellence and performance backed by eco-friendly energy usage.

For a pioneering brand that gave Pune its first ever electric scooter, Miracle5 continues to pursue a dream, of creating an efficient and reliable personal transport vehicle for commuters in regions outside Pune. As on date Miracle5 has over to 100 centers, across the country living the same dream and ideals. Miracle5 has a product offering Electric bikes and scooters with cutting edge quality and technology. Their prodigious customizations and outstanding designs come at an intriguingly reasonable cost.

More about MIRACLE5’S Electric bike range:

Futura, Race 70, Race 80 and Miracle5 are the four bikes that cater to a varied audience in a price range of Rs.75000 onwards.
This brand is relentlessly working on futuristic plans of introducing more variants with unique features, facilitating ease of buying for customers through financial tie ups, bettering its technologies and aiming to be a proud Make in India partner.

Combining form and function to drive aspirations and address the needs of the two-wheeler commuters, Miracle5 is committed to incorporating the latest technology and the most reliable aggregates. It is committed to promoting self-reliance and offering locally manufactured electric two-wheelers. It promises to be wind beneath the wings of each and every individual in this country that share the vision of making this a green planet.

For Bookings and more information: 

Miracle5 Automobile Pvt. Ltd.

1304/1305 Shukrawar Peth, Hira Peth, Subhash Nagar, Off-Bajirao Road, near telephone exchange, Pune, 411002

For any information email @ miracle5media.business@gmail.com


Sales Contact Number - +91 7057953333


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