‘Hands of Gold’ exotic gift hamper from Kashmir is a must order!


Kashmir has always evoked moments of splendor not just for its travel but also for the rich cultural heritage – be it cuisine, kaarigari or even the gift giving options. We came across this amazing brand which houses a multitude of gift-giving ideas. Browse through this story and bring home the flavours and live a little of Kashmir from these pieces of the paradise.

The brand, Hands of Gold is a love letter from Kashmir. Founded by Sadaf Syed with the vision to send the best of Kashmir to the world with the handpicked choice of ingredients from the Himalayan contours. It is her humble attempt to help the misprized Kashmiri artisans make their way into million homes. Hands of Gold lives to make you experience all that is unique, rare, premium, and culturally exclusive.

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More than just the product range, it was the quality assurance which impressed us the most. A gift hamper from this brand is surely a memorable keepsake one which evokes fond memories. Added to this dimension is the relentless effort to promote Kashmir (the art, culture and rich heritage) to the world over. Encouraging the artisans to continue their relentless efforts and provide them with employment is surely a commendable effort.

Hands of Gold offers products ranging from the flavours of honey, premix kahwa, 100% pure saffron, tadka masala, walnut oil, paper mache products, stoles, scarves, and much more. Their edible products are 100% pure, natural, and free of preservatives. Additionally, their other products are raw, natural, and handmade.

Hands of Gold reiterates that they are not in the market for competition. Their priority is to provide quality.

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What our gift hamper included:

Premix Kahwa

It’s a known fact that once you have sipped on the Kashmiri Kahwa, the taste lingers on and you yearn more of it. Grab your hands on cup of bliss from Kashmir. Hands of Gold brings to you the premix Kahwa which is an amber-coloured essence of Kashmir. This well-combined potion brewed is a concentrated, nectared bliss. A must order for sure!

Himalayan white honey

The Himalayan White Honey can be a superfood bestowal to your kitchen. This honey has the best of both worlds and gives you a top-notch coalesce. In addition to the guilt-free indulgence, it does to your health effortlessly what otherwise would cost you a bomb and endeavour.

Tadka Masala

Kashmiri cuisine offers a multitude of flavours which are rich and soothing. This tadka masala is a concoction of the spices of the contours mixed in a traditional demeanor is Hands of Gold’s Tadka Masala. You would love mixing this with your non vegetarian dishes and that zing element to your meals.


Saffron is a festival ritual that adds not just the glam but also the aromatic fragrance to your dish. Hands of Gold assures you of the best quality of this powerful antioxidant. Their saffron is a crimson spice grown in the brown-mahogany-coloured Karewa soil of Pampore. A must-have in every home.

Walnut oil

While most of the salad lovers are hooked onto alternative oils, the walnut oil makes your salad more palatable, does not change its primary flavour and aroma, giving you an impeccable result and appetite for the nosh. Do try this one too!

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Website link: https://www.handsofgold.in/

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