EIGHT takes you on an East & Oriental Culinary Carnival - #newplacealert at Phoenix Mills!


Aren’t you yearning for that perfect meal where the food is nothing short of Art? With menu possibilities that holistically preserve authenticity of contemporary flavours, combine tradition and age-old techniques to suit the modern palate? Well, your struggle for the ultimate fine-dining restaurant which offers you a level of precision and brilliant combination of flavour, texture and wholesome satiating quotient is over.
A STAR IS BORN – EIGHT, the latest offering at Phoenix Mills unfurls its brilliant menu and emphasizes that fine-dining is one the greatest beauties in life.

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI strongly recommends EIGHT, an East and Oriental Dining which has opened the doors recently. While the number 8 may have a different superstitious ring to it, this mystical numerical holds high notes in China. Dubbed to be the luckiest number, it denotes Intuition, Wealth, Innovation, Abundance, Strength and Tradition.

On the interiors front, EIGHT retains the bar décor from the previous outlet ‘Typhoon Shelter’ which was housed here. The seating is classic yet simplistic. The ceiling which earlier had a typhoon-like sky landscape is made subtle. The sushi bar offers you peaks of the Chefs rolling the creative art pieces.

The comprehensive menu features favourites from Canton, Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan as well as some signatures from forgotten regions of China. All these are with a subtle twist which retain the authenticity and emerge with some dynamic flavours. Chef Sagar Sarkar, who has imbibed the secrets from the legends of Oriental cuisine has curated a perfect menu that provides the most trending dishes.

8 reasons why WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI rates EIGHT as a Scintillating Star Launch? 

1.    First and foremost is the innate courage to use a Branding with a number (EIGHT) which is quite dreaded in our country. It speaks volumes of the confidence the brand has that the mystical magic will shower the abundance.

2.   The ambience radiates a positive, welcoming aura that charms you as a first impression and retains the feel-good feeling till the end.

3.   The signature specials curated by Chef Sagar Sarkar shimmer with brilliance and touch deep notes which dwell on an exotic experience. The exhaustive menu has something-for-everyone and the fine twists added to the classic dishes offer a divine experience.

4.   The service by Restaurant Manager, Ms. Silky is not just outstanding but superfluous. Her briefings on the dishes and suggestions exude the perfect hospitality standards a connoisseur expects from a fine-dining restaurant.

5.   Scintillating, concocted cocktails are next on the list. The collective movement progressing across the globe of incorporating local, fresh ingredients which offer nouveau varied tastes to add the sensational zing, has been masterminded with skillful elan. The cocktails are one-of-a-kind creations which could be trailblazers for the competition.

6.   Everyone loves a sweet ending and the desserts at EIGHT are resplendent of flowering artistic movements and ideas into folds of sinful, desired treats. Your thought process of just that ‘one spoon for trial’ would be blasted to oblivion – such is the perfection of textures, layers and flavours in every dessert.

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7.   The dishes are light yet satisfyingly satiated. You could go endlessly sampling the diverse, artistic contemporary cuisine options and yet not feel bloated.

8. Kudos to the dynamism of Phoenix Mills’ far-sighted vision of offering a culinary carnival and epicurean experience to Mumbaikars. The unveiling and birth of EIGHT ushers  the most dramatic, magnifique menu and is the perfect start to make Palladium the most sought-after culinary destination.

Here's our review on your choices from the menu:


Let’s Berry Berry

Ingredients - Gin, blue berries, raspberries, mulberries, lime juice

Review – A refreshing and luxurious start to the meal, more than exceeding what you might expect from a berry-loaded cocktail. This swanky cocktail is not a mere visual treat it evolves as a full-bodied, punchy number that harks back to better flavours than the usual citrus notes. A fantastic sipper to a menu which takes you to a high momentum.

OHH! Wasabi

Ingredients - Vodka, cucumber juice, Simple syrup, lime juice

Review -

Most of us approach wasabi with some trepidation. But this cocktail uses the wasabi powder as a garnish on the glass rims only. So there’s nothing much to fear, no spicy spikes coming your way. The combination of vodka with cucumber juice may have been implemented earlier, but this cocktail has an invigorating dense kick to it. Worth a try!


Pomo Basil

Ingredients - Pomegranate, grenadine, lime juice, basil leaves

Review - A pomegranate mocktail will always have a gorgeous, vibrant color but this one adds a deliciously spicy kick. Packed with plenty of cheer, you will love the spin with the basil leaves and the lime juice, not to mention the pomegranate seeds floating within. A pure classic!

Yuzu Spritzer

Ingredients - Yuzu reduction, rosemary cordial, Soda

Review – Yuzu is pure culinary gold and incorporating this in a mocktail gives a magical, tingling feeling. The rosemary cordial adds the dash of superiority to the drink.


Som Tom Salad

Review –  A perfect salad to clear your taste buds before you get on to a humongous tasting spree. All four tastes – sour, Chilli, sweet and tangy – perfectly balanced. A healthy and delicious treat.


Miso Eroki, hot and sour, Sweet corn

Review – We chose to opt for small portions of the varied soups on the menu. Although these are the usual soups you may have slurped umpteen times, the range here has the most exclusive, exotic and divine flavours. Each soup is power-packed and a delight.

Small plates:

Bon Bon uramaki

Ingredients - Exotic mushrooms, avocado, truffle cream, Tanuki

Review – Absolutely incredible, a melt-in-the-mouth creation. An almost original dish with a chocolate inspired name, the buttery avocado and exotic mushrooms texture are divine and you could surely end up ordering a second serving.

Soft Shell crab Timaki rolls

Ingredients - Iceberg, tobanjan, Mayo, truffle dressing, Ichimi pepper, sesame

Review – A perfect soft-shell crab, crispy deep-fried and wrapped in roasted seaweed. A dramatic treat for all crab lovers. The truffle dressing and mayo add the creamy texture which makes every bite utterly delicious.

The dim sum range:

Review - We tried small portions of the Veg Chive dim sum and Spicy coriander chicken dim sum. We relished the aromas of the crispy, piping hot insides to its first bite that teased the taste-buds. The chicken dim sum variation was an absolute knock-out on flavours with the juicy drizzle  of a spicy tinge that made the perfect culinary journey when it comes to dim sums.

Main course:

Mapo tofu and Blue Pea rice

Ingredients - Pickled root vegetables, silken tofu, shitake mushroom, pickled ginger, tobanjan

Review – We were glad to find this popular Chinese dish on the menu. This would be an instant hit with all those diners who believe that spicy food in King. Not overly spiced, the tinging peppercorn adds the sizzle to the Mapo tofu creation. Perfectly blended with the Blue Pea rice, you wont feel numb on your tongue and relish the softest silken tofu creation you have tried so far.

Cantonese pork belly and steamed jasmine rice

Ingredients - Australian pork belly, leeks, sundried chili

Review – A visual treat. This is one of the star dishes on the menu. A perfect Cantonese delight, the pork with not too much fat and perfectly glazed with a slurpy, lip-smacking texture. Don’t miss this one!

The steamed jasmine rice is a perfect blend if you find the pork belly a wee-bit spicy. The rice is so perfect, you would enjoy it as a solo treat too.


Sticky toffee pudding

Ingredients - Rich sponge, Dates, toffee sauce, vanilla ice cream

Review - This sticky toffee pudding is everything it should be. Unlike the usual one, though this is sweet, it’s not so sticky. This element makes the toffee tasting goodness more rigorous and pleasurable. The dates add the symphony to the total package. The toffee sauce is simply scrumptious and enjoyable.

Five texture chocolate cake

Ingredients - Chocolate mousse, sable base, crunchy hazelnut praline, salted caramel mouse, chocolate melt

Review – The eight-texture chocolate cake which got featured in Top 10 dishes that changed Sydney has a mild variation here. Formerly the four-texture chocolate cake has been popular and this creation at EIGHT takes it one notch higher. This dessert is spectacular and a decadent delight. The variations and perfect intermingling of the chocolate bases is perfection loaded. Surely a must-try masterpiece…yes this is coming from someone who is not a hardcore chocolate dessert lover!

As all good things come to an end. With that, WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI strongly recommends you to book your tables and enjoy the culinary feast at EIGHT!

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