10 must haves’ at KOISHII, The St. Regis, Mumbai.


Great food is like great sex. The more options you have, the more you want. Good food always entices diners who love, value and seek a variety of flavours to titillate them. Isn’t that the reason why a food connoisseur is called a "gastronomer”? And ironically, the slang term for a gastronomer is "foodie".

A connoisseur is more like an "Epicurean", someone who loves to eat fancy cuisines and drink well. Such a person can also be called a "gourmand" or a "gourmet". The Mumbai Fine-dining scenario has constantly blossomed and emerged with some exquisite, exotic cuisines and the hungry gastronomers are lapping the new flavours with great gusto.

This was one of the reasons we chose to venture into KOSHII, which is nestled at The Penthouse at Level 37 of The St. Regis, Mumbai. Koishii offers Nikkei cuisine, a harmonious blend of the culinary tradition of Peru and Japan.  

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI STRONGLY RECOMMENDS KOISHII – since it stands tall to the promise of taking their diners to a gastronomic, culinary journey that will tantalize the senses and fill the belly. Based on our heavenly experience of some tantalizing flavours that we experienced and savoured, we realized that the skill at KOISHII is in the celebration of the ingredient and its flavours rather than specifically technique. What results is a glorious meal that is pure ecstasy for your palate.

While impeccable service is implicitly a given at all starred establishments, the hospitality extended at KOSHII deserves special mention here, as the team goes out of their way of guiding every diner into the fine nuances of the Peruvian and Japanese dishes on the well-drawn out menu.

How Koishii got its branding?

The concept of Koishii is an inspiration from the creativity of Japan and the vibrancy of Peru.  It is an homage to the marriage of cultures and the connection between the words, Koi and Itishi. 

Koi  quite simply, is the act of falling in love and Itishi 愛しい, the deep feeling of doing something for someone you love. 


The Glitz & Glam décor:

The first impression when you enter the palatial, vibrantly lit dining hall is of pure luxury and sophistication. The dazzling chandeliers add that visually stunning effect with a twinkling charm. Comfortable spaced-out seating zones add value to the grandeur of the dining area. The open kitchen format adds the peak-a-boo element which somehow doesn’t reveal much of what’s happening with the Chefs.


The vivid yet sepia tones have inferences from the vintage Peruvian and Japanese culture. The expansive dining space has four zones, a bar or library lounge, a main dining area, an on-display robata kitchen & sushi counter and the private dining rooms.


The showstopper is the bespoke designed black lacquered metal and brass gantry structure suspended over the marble and oak bar. It houses all the bar display with antique gold mirror backed arches at the back.


The euphoric menu creation:

Nestled at The Penthouse at Level 37, Koishii offers lavish menu options of the Nikkei cuisine harmoniously blended in tandem with the culinary tradition of Peru and Japan.  


The Koishii culinary team, led by Peruvian Master Chef, Chef Kinyo.  His prowess at creating the finest dining experience and helming international venues offering Nikkei cuisine allowed him to hand-craft an exquisite menu laced with fresh and seasonal ingredients.   The menu showcases a variety of dishes from its three kitchens: the hot kitchen, the sushi counter and the robata grill. The overall stunning effect and dramatic theatrics which have been added to some dishes are not just a visual delight but go in sync with the flavours.


Some of the signature dishes we tried:


Mango Ceviche

Ingredients - Coconut Milk, Rocoto Chilli, Onion Tempura Quinoa Pu

Review - This dish was unbelievably delicious, such a great combination of a traditional dish with a mango twist. Highly recommend trying this as a starter! A word of caution here – don’t expect the sweetness of the mango, but this one has rocking tangy notes which is a perfect start. The magic created with sweet potatoes is dynamic and the flavours will surely linger in your memories for long.


Avocado Tartare

Ingredients - Corn Dashi Sauce, Parsnip Chips, Shallots

Review - Surely a delight for a vegetarian, this one comes with a majestic twist which makes it more appealing. This vibrant starter adds the perfect zing to the avocado which tastes perfect with the right sprucing up.


Hamachi Ceviche  

Ingredients - Yellowtail, Leche de Tigre, Lettuce & Corn

Review – The flavours with this dish are purely ballistic and earth-shaking. The fish chunks are juicy and fresh, the high citrus notes may initially knock you off but surely you would love to slurp the entire dish. The overall punch comes from the leche de tigre and corn pops which add on with the crunchy effect. Mesmerizing creation for sure!


Salmon on Fire

Ingredients - Yuzu Kabayaki Sauce, Raspberry Gastrique

Review - Have you tried a salmon on fire? If not, this is a must-try for all Sashimi lovers. The Peruvian version has a few thin slices of perfectly sliced salmon hanging on a split and then flamed a bit more for the charcoal flavour. An excellent visual treat and delightful flavours to match – the salmon bites are speckled with white and red toasted quinoa, rubbed with some Yuzu Kabayaki sauce, and a raspberry gastrique. The overall effect is lip-smacking.

Do check the video on our Instagram @whatshotinmumbaii


Watermelon Carpaccio

Ingredients - slow cooked for 8 hours Watermelon, Baby Spinach Sesame Seeds, Tofu

Review – Slow roasting the watermelon for 8 hours almost makes the fruit look and taste like a fine piece of tuna. The condensed flavours are perfectly blended with a tinge of soy-balsamic, nuts and soft cheese. A spectacular bestseller, a variant on flavours from a similar dish we tried elsewhere.


Do read these reviews also:

Koishii Signature Vegetarian Nigiri  

Ingredients - Smoked Cream Cheese, Peruvian Asparagus Avocado, Innari

Review – An assorted variety of different sushi, each one delectable and a treat for the vegetarians.




Tres Leches

Ingredients - Genoese Sponge in Three Milks, Custard Apple Passion Fruit Sorbet

Review – Truly lilting with some dancing flavours. The passion fruit sorbet does the magic. Worth slurping on this one!


Coffee Chocolate and Caramel Pot

Ingredients - Coffee Ice-Cream with Cocoa Crumble, Chocolate Caramel Sauce

Review – Although we have never been a chocolate fan, this rich, gooey, creamy pot is loaded with creamy layering with the coffee flavours adding the subtle madness to the dessert potency. Amazing!




Smoked Popcorn Sour Isla Whisky  

Ingredients - Popcorn Infused Sugar Lemon Juice • Truffle Popcorn

Review – Whisky cocktails are truly ruling the roost these days. The magical concoctions are infusing and blending some quixotic ingredients that don’t overpower the bourbon flavour. This one was a true-blue master blaster!


Nikkei Fizz Pisco

Ingredients - Berries • Lychee Purée Ginger • Lime

Review - Pisco is a grape-distilled spirit that was first made in the 16th century. Piscos vary in style and grape variety, with different expressions ranging in flavour from dry and earthy to floral and fruity. The Nikkei Fizz Pisco is earthy, sweet and tart—a cocktail worth fighting over.  

As a closing note, WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI strongly endorses KOISHII at The St. Regis, Mumbai to all the food connoisseurs who are constantly on the look-out for an heavenly experience of flavours, some scintillating drama to the food and of course some refreshing cocktails.

Go ahead, book your tables!

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