Powai’s Latest Hotspot ‘THE GAME RANCH’ is India’s first Countryside-themed gaming Resto lounge – A must-visit for sure!



Bored of the usual, done-to-earth eateries which serve the usual conventional menus amidst some blaring music? Tired of having no options to have a fun-time out with friends and family where you could test your skills at games and more? Well, you finally have the perfect packaged option which serves you Bar, Bites and Bowling – all under one roof!

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI strongly recommends THE GAME RANCH, a #newplacealert in Powai. This one-of-a-kind destination sprawls across 9500 sq ft with a  conceptualized setting of a ranch-themed cuisine, experiential gaming, and cowboy treasured music all rolled into one. There are three zones: bowling, dining bar, and terrace dining (which also offers sheesha). The bowling zone is divinely created for everyday enthusiasts and committed league bowlers.

What really impressed was the raw experience and peek into the life of the ranchers of the wild west in India for the first time. The stunningly designed interiors are an eclectic mix of western setups. The warm lighting blend perfectly the rugged interiors, the plush leather seating with a design that amplifies its unpretentious attitude alongside offering various photo opportunities with horses, saddles, and the ranch’s jail.


More on the concept of THE GAME RANCH:

Talking about the concept, Mr. Prasuk Jain, the owner of The Game Ranch, discusses that “The Game Ranch is a theme where the old wild west meets our new age as it is a rustic setting amid the city where you Play & Party. It's a theme that poses as a one-stop destination for gaming, partying and bespoke themed dining experience making it a place for all.”

The wizards behind the menu-magic:

The remarkable chefs and mixologists include International Chef James Biaka, Ganesh Gonkarhead, Zac Abott, and Chef Mayur Naidu to give you an extravagant menu of food and beverage.

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI personal notes…

A dining experience wins the goal post when the magic is mystical and mind-boggling. THE GAME RANCH envelopes and straight-jackets itself with superfluous excellence and the end result is a straight-shot success to winning every diner’s heart. Their futuristic plans have some ballistic surprises which will be unfurled soon. THE GAME RANCH surely impressed us with the ingenious packaging of a perfect business model which will go a long way. You have won our hearts with the Bar, Bites and the Bowling – our elevated and entertaining experience surely makes us one of your early loyalists!

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Here are our recommendations on what to try:


Watermelon Tartar

Ingredients - Soya infused watermelon, creamy green apple and walnuts, baby arugula served with lemon mint vinaigrette. 

Review - Clean, contemporary, comforting and offers a juicy twist. We were almost in two minds to order this one, since we had sampled variations of this earlier. However, the Chef insisted the twist was a surprise, and this salad surely was the perfect way to start our meals. A perfect blend of the juicy, tangy vinaigrette will ensure you finish the entire plate in one go.

Avocado Shrimp salad

Ingredients - Avocado and Pistachio Shrimp Salad

Review – A quixotic blend of avocado and shrimp in one bowl? The Chef has immaculately ensured that the king-size shrimps are at their succulent and luscious best. Unlike most salads which incorporate a mashed blend of the avocado (which in most cases subdues the salad flavours), this one has avocado chunks which don’t dilute the flavours. The dressing is quite contrasting and lush. Loved the shrimps in their full bloom.


Old Smokey whisky

Ingredients - Demerara sugar and aromatic bitters sous vide for 4 hours before being smoked with oak wood.

Review – A SHOW STOPPER FOR SURE. This is one of the cult whisky cocktails of 2022. An absolute stunner with the smokiest flavours you have ever experienced. Great job by the Mixologist for this curation.

Purple Rain

Ingredients – Gin, raspberry puree, fresh citrus, orange bitters and egg white.

Review – A fascinating, stunning combination which gives a divine experience with every sip. Another masterpiece for sure.


Raspberry and grapefruit gimlet

Ingredients - Raspberry puree fresh grapefruit juice, lime juice aromatic pickles and vanilla whipped cream. 

Review – Almost on the lines of the purple rain cocktail, the perfect blend with the sizzle sour of the grapefruit is surprising. A must have!

Elderflower and Anise Collins

Ingredients - Elderflower cordial, aromatic bitters, fresh citrus tonic water and star anise.

Review – A visual treat with an unusual, freakish twist which has a magical resonance of perfection in the blend.


Stuffed black Arancini

Ingredients - Wild black rice Arancini stuffed with mushroom ragout and mozzarella cheese. Served with tomato sauce. 

Review – We have always loved arancini for the prime reason that they are so versatile. You can never go wrong with a classic and the Chef has developed a masterpiece with this one. The layering, coating and emerging flavours empower and yet overshadow the mushroom. A must try!

Charcoal tacos

Ingredients - - Charcoal tandoori rotis served with green chutney Mayo and garlic yogurt (Paneer tikka, chicken tikka) 

Review – The Chef insisted we try the charcoal tacos despite our unwillingness. One thing we realised that Chef Rupesh surely touched upon his unique dishes and did we relent on saying ‘No’ first. An amazingly stuffed taco (made out of soft yet crusty tandoori roti) was a tasty bite, the dips take the ball to the court. The chicken tikka black taco version rose notches with the tamarind dip which made this dish more lip-smacking.

The paneer tikka taco had a profusion of subtlety which gets the dramatic spike with the sizzling green mint chutney. Perfect googlies played by the Chef.


Not your nachos

Ingredients - Homemade nachos topped with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, onions, olives, jalapenos, guacamole, served with cheese sauce and ripe tomato salsa. 

Review – You shouldn’t leave without having this on your favourite ordering list. The homemade nachos had this rustic taste which went well with the western theme, the cheese sauce and tomato salsa perfection will create a tingle for your palate which you would miss even later for sure.

Ranch special chicken Burger

Ingredients - BBQ pulled chicken with guacamole, with yellow cheddar cheese and crispy onions

Review – A meal in itself, although you wouldn’t oblige to share it with anyone on your table. A perfect treat. I am surely going back for this juicy burger which has become our personal favourite.

Red bean cottage cheese burger

Ingredients - Crispy cottage cheese patty topped with Chipotle Mayo, sweet pickle, tomato and sharp cheddar cheese. 

Review – An absolute delight for a vegetarian. Although we found it a wee-bit stunted on the juicy front, it surpassed our expectations.

Pork ribs

Ingredients - Pork ribs marinated in a spicy, Korean BBQ sauce. 

Review – A MUST-TRY, the most relishable, juiciest and tender pork ribs (as we specifically instructed the Chef). The rich glaze of the BBQ sauce is tempting enough for you to make this a delightful, messy hand-eating experience. Don’t miss out on this one.


Baileys creme Brulee

Ingredients - - Irish infused drink with a golden crust and caramel on top. 

Review – We denounced the chocolate desserts which are the signature dishes and opted for this unique creation. This Brulee can get as creamy as it never has before. The Baileys exotic tinge is delectable and a penchant pleasure for a treat.

A round of applause to:

Memorable memories have never been always limited to good food and perfect drinks. It’s the superlative service and attention for detail which goes a long way in enticing every diner to make a comeback and recommend it to their friends and family.

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI showers drum rolls for the entire team who made our moments truly endearing. Right from Chef Rupesh who personally understood our cravings, to the team who provided us with some feel-good moments. Chef Rupesh’s innate conviction on offering choices which actually emerged winners on the flavour front, is surely commendable. Watching him in action, we notice his dedicated spirit to ably take forward the menu legacy.

The staff team - Fatima, Rashid, Akash, Saurabh and the entire crew have raised the service standards with utmost brilliance.

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI is proud to unveil and be one of the firsts to make our stopover at this amazing, fun-filled resto lounge. It’s hotspots like THE GAME RANCH which are much needed for the unconventional and unusual concepts which make diners (like Us) say, ‘YOU HAVE NAILED IT COWBOYS, A NEW ERA IN HOSPITALITY HAS BEGUN WITH A BANG!’

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