#newplacelalert ALL SAINTS in Khar is Pure Glam!


It’s always the first impression that sets the mood for every diner at a restaurant. The moment you step in, the impact has to be so stunning, soothing and loaded with a positive aura that your sensory powers assure you that you are going to have a great time. Our recent trip to a #newplacealert mesmerized us with not just the beauty but also the menu laid out for us!

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI would love to recommend and shout from rooftops about ALL SAINTS, which is located in Khar. We loved the aura, the vibes, the stunning eclectic interiors which welcomed us from the time we stepped in. the elegant, all day dining bar made a pulsating impact that finally Mumbai has a place that lives up high to the international standards.

Stunning interiors set the mood.

You feel you have set foot in a Greece Café. The ambience and décor are soothing and pure glam. You are immediately enlightened with eccentric vibes, white hues, exotic plants, and mellow furnishings that enhance the space. Aging contemporary buttery walls contrast with quirky, edgy, intricate outlines and dynamically patterned fabric upholstery. And not to mention those creative, pure white fans which add the scintillating drama to the entire room.

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On the food front:

If you are looking forward to an enhancing experience with the availability of the world’s finest cuisines and delicious cocktails, look no further. For All Saints, a contemporary, modern, and elegant all-day kitchen & bar, has opened its doors to all the food lovers out there. This inspiring new space specializes in perfectly combining world cuisines and ensuring a tantalizing experience.

On the food and cocktail front, it’s a culinary journey that promises to excite even the most selective of taste buds. It doesn't matter whether you're a saint or a sinner, you have to visit All Saints and experience the mystical magic.

The inspiration behind the magic:

Founded by Anuj Chugh, Gaurav Parikh, Varun Chugh, and Ketul Parikh, All Saints hopes to bring together the foodie community around delicious food, soulful music, refined drinks, and cocktails and make the saints march into an unmatched experience. Commenting on the inspiration behind creating a state-of-the-art restaurant - Gaurav Parikh, Founder of All Saints, commented, “We wanted to create a zone where one can be oneself, be a saint or be a sinner - You Decide.”

“The restaurant is a subjective concept where everyone is treated as Saints,” says Ketul Parikh. According to Anuj Chugh, “The warm and cozy seating areas will provide comfortable spaces for you to rest, relax or gather with friends and family. And oh! You can feel free to connect with your guests whilst also enjoying the ambience and several flavorful refreshments.” Commenting on the inspiration behind All Saints Varun Chugh said “I was motivated to build a global menu with specialty cocktails and cold-pressed juices that are organic in nature.”

Here are our recommendations:


Burrata and baby tomato caprese – This appetizer / salad is a perfect start for every meal. We chose this more as an acid test to see if it impresses us. And yes, it surely did. The flavours were tangy, the baby tomatoes juicy and well marinated, the burrata was at its creamiest best. Go ahead and add this to your initial order list.

Crispy garlic and chilly turnip cakeLoved the balance of the garlic, it wasn’t too overbearing. The chilly turnip cake was perfect, with the chilly not affecting your palate. An ideal choice for a vegetarian.

Mexican spiced salmon fish tikka – While most of the diners were ensconced in ordering their sushi, baos or noodles – we ventured in a different zone. Since this resto bar serves all cuisines, might as well test them for the new dimensions they add to other zones. The salmon fish was a timeless juicy delight. The marination was on a mid-level spice zone, enjoyable and enticing.

This is what we noticed about most of the dishes. The Chef team has ensured to bridge the balance between spice and making the dish spicier. The magic of maintaining this equation keeps the diner satisfied coz they love the aromas and juices without fuming with pleasure.


Malvani fish curry – Another choice of ours to test whether the Indian fare has been done justice too. We were amazed, flummoxed and unstoppable with this creation. The gravy is amazing, authentically original and slurpy. We were thrilled to come across an absolute delight which evoked memories of our curry escapades. Do try this, you won’t regret it.

Basil pesto RisottoA hearty, filling meal – not too tangy or cheesy. An ideal subtlety on the normal flavours we have been feasting on with this dish have been subdued. But the ultimate variation leaves you satisfied and satiated.


Lotus drama – Oh, such a sinful delight. You mustn’t miss out on this one.

Tiramisu Basque cheesecakeA perfect, creamy, soft yet loaded creation. The child in you will love this one.

Mocktails & Cocktails:

Summer fizz – A dazzling, nouveau color for a mocktail. Quite enticing for first impression, you will love the tangy flavour tinge that comes with it. Quite apt and goes with the title.

On the cocktail front, we would surely like to put forth the commendable and unique approach to the bar menu which makes a glorious change to the flavours. Most of their cocktails are laced with freshly drawn cold pressed juices which add the penultimate dimension to the cocktail. The ‘All saints Special’ is surely a best seller and so is ‘Moon of the faith’. The concoctions ensure a perfect balance with the alcohol and the juice flavours. Their signature cocktail menu is surely a treat for all cocktail lovers.

ALL SAINTS has some more dazzling USP’s attached to it. It is one of the first and only restaurants and bars in the city to have three bars, including a special shot bar. Adhering to the fact that it is a potential market leader in the all-day cafe, restaurant, and community bar space, All Saints is on a glorious path to being one of the creme de la creme places of Mumbai.

Make sure you barge in soon and enjoy their delicious menu and party hard!!


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