10 Must-have’s at KHYMA, the new place alert at Hotel Sea Princess, Juhu.


As a food connoisseur would you like to go on an adventurous, wild streak of savoring some masterpiece dishes of almost 10 cuisines? That too, all under one roof. Well, although this feat seems unsurmountable, there’s this #newplacealert in Juhu which offers the most delectable choicest dishes.

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI strongly recommends a visit to KHYMA which is the latest, newly launched progressive Asian Restro Bar, housed within the precincts of Hotel Sea Princess in Juhu. Spread over 2400 sq. ft., the décor and ambience offer an eclectic, inviting vibe – the soft lighting and a geometric bright bar back are visual treats. The partially opened circular private tables add the zing element to the ambience.

On the menu front, you find a rigorous yet harmonious blend of Burmese, Bhutanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Malaysian, Nepalese, Singaporean, Tibetan and Thai cuisine dishes. Most of them are masterpieces which need to be savored to relish the divergence of meticulous flavours each one has to offer.

The brain behind the concept of KHYMA:

Like they say, the younger generation takes the family legacy to leaps-and-bounds with their innovative ideas, concepts and perfect execution. Kudos to Neha Gundecha-Varghese, who joined the family business of Hospitality as well as Realty after completing her international studies. Her dynamism has helped in the expansion and renovation of their 35-year old Hotel property, Hotel Sea Princess.


The visionary mindset of this young trendsetter visualized some greener pastures and KHYMA was born. Confesses Neha, “KHYMA means Goddess of Waves, what better symbolism would suit this Restro bar which overlooks the Arabian Sea. As for the menu, it is an ode to Mother Earth which feeds us and keeps us alive. To take the symbolic vision two notches up, we have divided our substantial plates into Flora, Aqua and Fauna. We wanted to experiment with authentic Asian food with a twist. Khyma will serve cocktails to pair with the food."

Here are some of our choicest recommendations on what you must try when you visit KHYMA:


Avocado Carpaccio – This dish was phenomenal. Having tried this earlier with watermelon slices, you can experience a truly melt-in-the-mouth euphoria. Super-thin slices of avocado and silken tofu are laced with a delectable, juicy orange olive salsa which is a perfect start for your meal. The peri peri dust adds the slightly spice tinge that creates magic to your taste buds.

Red snapper satay – This tasty recipe blends both sweet and savoury flavours wonderfully blended with the nutty experience. The chilli sambal tartare is the star here and takes the dish notches above. A versatile fish, the red snapper was perfectly coated and soft yet juicy.

Spicy vegetables dim sums – A bountiful filling of veggies with a slight tinge of spices. The dips add a satisfying tinge for the adventurous flavours. Somehow, we found the wrapper skin a whisk bit too thick. Else this dish has the perfect elements.


Fresh Burrata salad – A showstopper for sure! You will be enamoured by the peak perfect fresh rocket leaves with fine strands of sun-dried tomatoes. The twist here is the burrata which forms the bed-layer of the salad. This is perfectly blended with pickled crunchy peanuts and the most lip-smacking Thai style dressing. The juiciest salad with the softest burrata is a never-to-miss treat. This creation deserves extra brownie points.

Main course:

Bhutanese Vegetable datshi and red rice - In our constant quest for trying new cuisines, we surely enjoyed discovering this new food option. This dish is the star of Bhutanese cuisine. Basically, a stew, spruced with veggies (mushroom, spinach and potatoes), it is the cheese chili recipe which creates the magic. 

On a first look, you would almost mistake it to be on the lines of a Thai curry. But the flavours which emanate from the dish are beloved. A wonderful seasoning of soft spices muddled with the creamy cheese textures makes this dish truly slurpy and irresistible. The red rice is soft and has a different flavour. You would surely thank us for recommending this dish to you.

Chilly Mud crab – This dish was the perfect FOOD COMA type of gastronomic experience. Crabs have always been the most loved seafood especially since crab meat is tender, juicy and succulent. 

The Chilli mud crab dish had some erogenous flavours, especially the scintillating and yummy-licious chilli gravy. The crazy twist of flavours will surely enamor you. A must try on your order list!


Mast Malang – A perfect, slurpy cocktail with a Vodka base. The homemade rose syrup, pineapple and lime juice are superbly blended.

Chusky Margritta – You will love the magical mixture of homemade aampanna blended with kafir lime leaves and fresh lime juice. The bartender wins full brownie points on both the cocktails we tried.



Thab thim krob – When compared to an earlier version we had tried, this Thai sweet coconut cream and water chestnuts dessert preferred to go more the authentic way. The sweetness quotient was subdued and the cream was thicker. However, the ultimate ‘wow’ effect was dampened since the dessert wasn’t chilled enough. The beauty of a masterpiece lost its charm.

Earl Gray pots de crème – The version we were served is a far cry from the original. What could have turned out to be a simple yet decadent impressive treat seemed more like a rush job.

Overall, WHAT’S HOT IN MUMABI was thoroughly impressed with the superfluous service from the entire team who went out of their way to give some warm, endearing moments. The perfection and mastery over the multitude of dynamic flavours make each dish irresistibly lip-smacking and delectable. The cocktails incorporate usage of some rustic Indian spices and condiments (chaat masala) in some of them – which evoke dancing elements to the zing factor of the cocktail. A great job done by the Chef team who have conjured this menu with utmost perfection.

KHYMA is surely a SHINNING STAR which will shimmer and glaze the minds of food connoisseurs who value experimenting with cuisines which have a refined finesse to every dish.

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