Staycation review – Why THE RESORT, Mumbai is the perfect getaway for an extended weekend?


August seems to be a month full of bank holidays and there’s almost an extended weekend flooding in. While most of us are bored to death with the getaway options, we came across this amazing staycation package being offered by The Resort in Malad- Marve, Mumbai. Do read more to find out more details about our staycation with this property.

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI strongly recommends the staycation package from The Resort Mumbai for the prime reason that it’s a blockbuster deal which has loads of brownie points attached to it. What impressed us most was the sprawling greenery and wide-open spaces with tons of fresh air.

Isn’t the hill station-like feeling we all yearn for? A getaway which offers you all the conveniences under one roof? The Resort Mumbai has all that you could ask for – classy rooms, an amazing spa offering excellent treatments, a large pool for your friends to play water-basketball, an adventure sports area, a kiddies play area – and not to mention some amazing food options.

What makes The Resort an action-packed bundle is that you also get access to the beach from within the property. The peace and tranquility which this property offers is eons ahead of other crowded resort destinations. The front-facing rooms offer a scenic view of the swimming pool and you can gaze dreamily at the waves flushing the beach or even get mesmerized with the sunsets or the early morning sunrise.

The Chef Special menu surely impressed us the most. Although your package could include the breakfast buffet, you have the option to order from their a La carte menu for your other meals. What follows next is our Chef Special menu which we relished. However, this special menu needs to be pre-booked (at the rates which apply) and the Chef’s team would pamper your taste buds to ecstasy.

Chef Amit Kocharekar, Executive Chef at The Resort, Mumbai truly zapped up not just with his simplicity but with his exceptional talent to gauge the hidden messages we were closing guarding from him for our food review. He perfectly curated an exemplary Chef Special menu at a short notice, tweaked some changes into the plans he had made for us and emerged a dynamic winner.

On a personal front, we loved the manner in which Chef Amit downplayed the significance of certain existing seasoning explosions, harmonized them dramatically with a variety of flavours, textures and colours. Every curated dish on a plate shimmered like a mouth-watering masterpiece.  A round of applause to Chef Amit and his team for giving us a never-to-forget culinary experience.

Lunch menu:

Tom ka Khai

Ingredients - Thai chicken soup infused with Kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass and snow of egg on top.

Review –
The original Thai coconut chicken soup makes a ballistic perfect start to our meal. Rich, creamy texture layering of the soups leaves some strong inferences of fresh kaffir lime leaves and lemon grass. The icing for this soup is the snow egg-type explosion which exemplifies the flavour elements. A perfect start which makes a perfect start to a satiating meal.

Khoobani Murgh tikka

Ingredients - Chicken leg marinated with Apricot pure and Indian spice.

Review – The sizzling charcoal smoke fascinates you for the visualist drama. The elements which have been focused here is the quixotic mix of enhancing the flavours despite the chicken pieces being marinated with pure apricots. The explosion is just perfect with the seasoning that overpowers the sweetness of the apricot.

Ghee roast paneer

Ingredients - Paneer marinated with Indian spices, then tossed with curry leaves mustard seeds with ghee finished with podi masala.

Review – Served in crunchy shell tart, the paneer is crunchy and screams of the exotic Indian spices. The perfect tinge flavour is accentuated with the podi masala. Whoever said that paneer cannot be draped and dramatized in a better manner must try this!

Chooza Murgh

Ingredients - Baby chicken leg marinated with Indian spices then cooked in clay oven finished with Tomato base gravy.

Review – The beauty of this dish lies in the most succulent chicken meat and the fine turbulence of the aromatic gravy. A killer for sure!

Coconut Mousse

Ingredients - Chocolate coconut shell fill with coconut mousse with mango puree.

Review –
A Michelin styled dessert that surely deserves a round of applause. Miniature coconut shells, carved to perfection immersed deeply with a thick layer of coconut mouse. Handcrafted green leaf stems made out of chocolate add the dynamic dramatics to the dessert. The mango puree splashes complete the masterpiece painting effect. A round of applause to the pastry Chef for this painstaking yet perfect creation.


Wild Mushroom soup

Ingredients - Roast mushroom with herbs then sauté with onion garlic make pure served with goat cheese crouton. 

Review – One of the creamiest mushroom soups which evoked some strong flavours of the onion and garlic. A delectable version, the creamy texture merged perfectly with the goat cheese crouton which added the fancy element to the dish.

Patranoo fish

Ingredients - Pomfret marinated with coconut base green masala, wrap with banana leaves them steam.

Review – Anything wrapped in banana leaf and cooked to perfection is the most amazing food to eat in the whole world! This one had perfectly pan-seared pomfret slices which had a thick layering of the green masala. The freshness of the fish made this a luscious treat, the green masala perfectly spiced to take the dish to the next level. A winner for sure!

Mushroom salt and pepper

Ingredients - Marinated mushroom with salt and pepper fry then tossed with star anise sauce.

Review – Don’t expect a simple, sauteed mushroom appetiser here. The rich glazed, shiny and crunchy coating adds the juiciest mushroom beneath it. The star anise sauce adds the zingy contrast to flavours you haven’t experienced yet.

Lamb seekh kebab with Korma gravy

Ingredients - Lamb seekh cooked in onion tomato base gravy.

Review - Having tried hundreds of recipes for lamb seekh kebabs over the years, this one always stays close to our heart. The beauty of this dish is the rich, smooth textured – slightly tangy and moderately spiced gravy with some chunks of the the lamb seekh kebab. An absolute delight.  

Hazelnut mousse

Ingredients - Chocolate coated with hazelnut mousse and roasted hazelnut.

Review -
 This dessert is specially developed to enjoy the senses. The chocolates filling is extra-pitched with a smooth texture, the unique airy mousse hazelnut filling in fine bitter chocolate that doesn’t overpower the flavour. A visual treat for sure, chocolate lovers would swoon to ecstasy.

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With loads being said about the food menu, WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI surely would like to acknowledge the fine touches that reek of exemplary service quality standards set by the hotel property. Our Guest Relations Manager, Ms. Taniksha and Mr. Suraj was always available to assist us.  Mr. Avadhoot, Director of Sales & Marketing and Ms. Priti – General Manager ensured the smooth functioning not just for us but other guests too. It is these subtle gestures that go a long way in carving rich memories for travelers.

The Resort Mumbai has transformed themselves not just with the interiors but the entire aura that emanates within the property is the best feel-good euphoria one clamors for while on a weekend staycation. Our experience has been an exhilarating one and we surely plan to be visit soon – this time just to relax, chill and enjoy the fine greenery, soothing air and of course Chef Amit’s magical delicacies.


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