BLOOM - #newplacealertinbandra is a CULT CAFÉ for health-conscious foodies!


Veganism is the IN thing and vegan diet menus are surely on the rise even in Mumbai. Social media has had a big part to play in the rise of the plant-based lifestyle too. No wonder, we have many cafes introducing vegan dishes into their menus too. We came across this #newplacealert in Bandra which serves an amazing array of nutrition-loaded dishes. Browse on to know more!

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI strongly recommends BLOOM café at Turner Road, Bandra which offers healthy meals, some which are gluten-free, vegan options and diabetic-friendly and keto-friendly dishes.

The interiors:

Living up to the name brand name BLOOM, the blooming, colourful flavours have an effective, inviting vibe to the café. The entire feel of the café is laced with a relaxation mood tone. Somehow, since the place is a wee-bit small, every effort is made to give a comfort zone to its diners.

The outdoor seating area is also creatively done up to give a freshness of breath air with the décor. It’s a perfect spot for smokers who want to sip some coffee or even nibble on some healthy bites. 

The perfect collaboration:

Bloom is in collaboration with Genelia & Ritesh Deshmukh’s new venture Imagine Meats. Some of the must try dishes are Imagine Chicken Keema Pav, Imagine Meat Burger, Lebanese Imagine Nugget Wrap and Za'atar Imagine Chicken, Avocado & Labneh Wrap (Keto Friendly).

Something for everyone:

While most cafes focus only on coffee delights, BLOOM goes the extra mile with a difference. The exceptional beverage menu includes flavoursome Kombucha Mocktails, Cold Brews, Espresso Martini Cocktails with cardamom and rose flavour, Blooming Teas, coffees with almond and oats milk, shakes, smoothies, and house-pressed juices amongst others.



While we did find the place a bit too crammed, we surely hope that BLOOM will blossom and flourish to a bigger space soon. We absolutely fell in love with the menu created by Executive Chef Rahul Desai. The healthy twist in every dish is sprinkled effectively with loads of colours which make the dish not just appealing but enticing too. We were enamoured with the exhaustive choices which we consider as a strong USP. A diner needs many options to tempt them to go back and visit the café….and BLOOM does that quite effectively.

The service was amazing, the staff briefly you into the intricacies of the dish, apologizes for the delay. We did notice an extra freebie dessert being offered to an impatient customer. It’s such moments of going the extra mile that leave warm memories for a diner (in our case, being a silent observer).

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A big kudos to the Founder of BLAH, Niketa Sharma who noticed the potential of humungous clientele for the health-conscious dining segment in Bandra. BLOOM surely sets to charm you and offer you some blessed, heavenly and divine moments of pleasure with every bite you take with their dishes.

Here are our recommendations:

Frozen berries smoothie

Review – What better way to start your meal than with a lovely, energy-boosting frozen berry smoothie. A luscious spread which is not just a visual treat but also packed with amazing flavours.

Signature pearl barley salad

Review – An easy-going Mediterranean salad with an underplay on the dressing. This vibrant looking crunchy pearl barley salad is surely a crowd pleaser. The fresh veggies are loaded with the juiciness and slightly crunch effect which make it more interesting.

                 Picture not part of our tasting recommendations

Vegan pepperoni pizza

Review – An amazing treat with the vegan pepperoni from Imagine Meats. Extremely delicious, highly recommended. The texture of the pepperoni is an absolute treat for non-vegetarians too. The super-thin crust pizza has an amazing crunchy effect. Must try for sure!

Vegan imagine chicken keema pav

Review – Another absolute delight from Imagine Meats. The chef team has conjured a scintillating dish where you really don’t miss the gravy element in a keema pav. The subtle yet spiking flavours make this dish more enjoyable. Additions like green salads, an herbed creation of sweet potatoes and soft bread make this a complete meal.

Lotus Biscoff desert

Review – Somehow this one didn’t appeal to us.

Mocha coffee

Review – A perfect brew!

Raspberry lemonade mocktail

Review – We chose to opt for this instead of the kombuchas they serve. Loved the tanginess which acted as a perfect palate cleanser in between different dish tasting. Perfect choice.

We know we have missed out on some more amazing dishes which are on the menu, but we can surely drop by since BLOOM has tugged our heart strings with their magic!



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