NAWAB SAHEB’s culinary extravaganza menu showcases #IncredibleIndia at its best – A must-try gastronomic treat!!


Food and cuisine in India are a vociferous, vibrant assortment of our diverse and culturally-rich heritage. Each region brings forth the dynamism of uncountable, flavour-loaded dishes that spark the spice trail of our country. The Awadh, Rajasthan & North West Frontier India cuisine wins the brownie points always thanks to the euphoric sensations the flavours create. Are you ready to feast and get the ultimate Nawabi extravaganza for your next sojourn?

Read on to find out more about our culinary journey…

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI strongly recommends a trip to NAWAB SAHEB at Westin Hotel, Powai Mumbai to savour the finest fusion of mesmerizing flavours which would astound the hidden connoisseur within you.  

The menu at NAWAB SAHEB unravels and enlivens our culturally rich cuisines from Awadh, Rajasthan and the North West Frontier.  What we marveled more was the set menu options that not just suit your budgets but also your choice of meals. There’s something-for-everybody who is seeking an unforgettable exploration and a trip-down memory lane for enjoying time-honoured cooking techniques. NAWAB SAHEB presents a liberal cuisine, that emotes nirvana and evokes your gastronomic senses to an eternal reminiscence for your food trail.

The interiors:

The moment you enter, you are overwhelmed with the pristine grandeur of the tall, towering pillars, long milky white marble table-tops and of course the huge sea-blue resin art creation. The upholstery matches the colours and are soothing. The tables are grand to host a group and offer the private moment privacy. What creates a tempest of emotions is the mystical aromatic, freshening fragrances that float around – Yes, this also includes the rich aroma of the food being cooked.



With the culinary trend focussing more on fusion food recipes, Nawab Saheb retains the authentic flavours and in fact adds more spunk and zest to it. A visit to this restaurant is inevitably recommended as a go-to on an empty stomach. In lieu of the rich cuisine, we were satiated instantly after feasting on the starters.

While most diners would complain for the delays in the next course serving, we unquestionably agree on the reasoning from the Chef’s perspective. Conjuring every dish into an unforgettable memory using time-honoured techniques, slow cooking and simmering, takes time. Every dish is pitch-perfect be it the charred effect or the rich, textured flavours.

NAWAB SAHEB unarguably lives up to the brand identity. You are not just not pampered with superfluous service but the aromatic flavours stir nostalgia in every morsel. We suggest you opt for the Nawabi set menu which encompasses the best of the world mix- seafood, chicken and meat. If you are visiting with a group of friends, you get more options to sample. The vegetarian fare has also raised the standards of culinary excellence.

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On the cocktail front, we were impressed with the adaptation of Indian spice mixes which have been effectively blended to perfection. The desserts have minor twists while retaining the original essence. 

NAWAB SAHEB is conclusively one of the best Indian food fine-dining restaurants we have visited in 2022. We wouldn’t mind stepping in again and choosing to go a la Carte with some of their seasoned specialties which flaunt the untouched glimpses of our #IncredibleIndia. The award-winning menu surely ushers and evokes irresistible memories for your food diaries and trails.  

Browse through some of the dishes we sampled:

Non veg starters

Samundri Afsara

Details - Tandoori smoked Arabian sea lobster cooked with Chef’s secret spices

Review – The artistic allure of the starter platter is the perfect merging of dishes in elaborate chunky portions. The sea lobster we savoured was not just sizeable but creatively marinated. For the first time, we didn’t have trouble enjoying the meat. While the shell was crunchy crisp, the meat was soft was well-packaged with subtle spice flavours.

Jheenga Aaira-e-Khaas

Details - Charred king prawns, black pepper, cashew and cream cheese

Review – You will love the charred effect on the crispy jumbo-size prawn, the subtle hints of the black pepper add the zing. We noticed a miss on the cream cheese effect which could have made this dish juicier.

(Sample image of a different dish)

(Sample image of a different dish)

Galawat ke kebab

Details - A scrumptious lamb kebab, inspired from the streets of Aminabad

Review – The best test for every Awadhi creation is the melt-in-the-mouth perfection for this kebab. A winner all the way, creamy and luxuriously rich textures.

Mahira babuli Kebab

Details - Amritsari style tandoori roast chicken on the bone

Review – Here again, the flavours are subtle, but the fleshy chicken chunk is juicy and memorable.



Details - Kafir lime infused Gin based cocktail

Review – Perfectly infused, delightfully slurpy. The Gin flavours stand out perfectly and pair well with the menu.

Raas Lila

Details - Turmeric infused Gin & tonic

Review – A visual treat, the turmeric notes are subtle and not hard-hitting. An impeccable blend.


Ko-um Sharbat

Review – Kokum, the cool king of Indian fruits is always a treat to sip. This concoction has the local classic flavour, a slightly sweet and sour aroma. This mocktail adds fun and rhythm with its unique taste to the menu.

Azeem-al-shaan (orange ice tea)

Review – An orange ice tea, just passable and missed the zing element.

Main course veg

Nawabi aloo ki nazakat

Details - Pan seared galette of potato, green peas, Indian spices

Review – A gratifying treat for the vegetarians, the twist to this potato dish speaks volumes on the ingenuity of a Master Chef’s creation.  

Malai ke phool

Details - Charred cauliflower, broccoli in spiced cream cheese marinade

Review – The creamy, cheesey texture is luscious and succulent. A delectable treat. 

Paneer Lazzat-e-khaas

Details - Charred cottage cheese cooked in almond, tomato gravy

Review – Fascinating flavours blended with a high infusion of the spice – this surely makes this dish an exotic treat. 


Details - 48 hours stewed ‘urad’ lentils, home churned butter, a Master Chef’s special spices

Review – Another showstopper for sure which wins the acid test for every Chef. Cooked and simmered to perfection, this is not a slurp treat but one you would regret not lapping up the entire bowl.

Subz chilman biryani

Details - Seasonal vegetable biryani essence with sweet ittar, saffron and mace powder

Review – For all those biryani lovers who love the biryani laced with loads of gravy or high-octane spice flavours – this creation beats them all. It’s the potent essence of long-grained rice (minus the Jing-bang of the gravy layer) which makes this an almost intoxicating treat. You would love binging on the biryani and yet not missed the hardcore spice elements. A true bonanza.



Details - Cardamom and sweet ittar scented sweetened bread

Review – Even if you are already stuffed, you must take a bite of this delicacy. Pure magic!


Details - Ghee, saffron infused, yeast leavened bread

Review – This one beats all the taftaans we have relished earlier. The saffron fragrance creates that oomph which seduces you to keep munching this with the rich, cream Dal and the other gravies.

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Mirch ka halwa

Details - Shimla mirch inspired cooked halwa

Review – This might seem to be the biggest culinary paradox is a reality. Mirchi ka halwa is especially popular in arid and tropical regions the state of Rajasthan. The marvel of this dessert the in the ingenious perfection with which the taste has been maintained. The ultimate transformation is a delicious sweet treat. While you get the slight taste of the boiled and mashed capsicum, the flavour blending of the sweetness merges well and gives a brilliant taste. A must try!

Badam ka halwa 

Details - A traditional sweet of almond and jaggery

Review – Rich and delicious.

Malai phirnee 

Details - Chilled sweetened rice

Review – Loved the mild sweetness and perfection on the creamy, slightly rustic flavours of the rice.


Details - Milk cake dumpling, sweet cardamom syrup

Review – Expected a twist here but this was just the usual one we have tried.

Go ahead and get treated with the Nawabi gastronomic experience at NAWAB SAHEB, Westin Hotels, Powai Mumbai.


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