Culinary Escapes with the Shanghai Club, ITC Grand Central


Are you ready to explore some exemplary, authentic Chinese regional cuisines? Would you love to feast on cuisines form Sichuan, China, Canton, Shanghai, Beijing and Hunan – all under one roof and amidst a scintillating ambience?
Well, if you answer in the positive then you must visit the Shanghai Club at ITC Grand Central, the most luxurious hotel property in town.

The ITC Group of Hotels have always left an undeniable mark to our memories. Every property of theirs has been a trophy address when it comes to uniqueness, exclusivity and an epitome for pure, desirable luxury. Being a connoisseur for the exotic and extravagant bespoke luxury, WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI has always set eyes for the grandeur scale. ITC Grand Central isn’t just about beauty inside and out, their custom architecture, classic designs for the interiors, an over-the-top yet subtle attention to detail, opulent finishes are mesmerizing.

It's not just the feel-good ambience that entraps your sensibilities, the menus being served leave endearing memories too. We chose to visit their fine-dining restaurant SHANGHAI CLUB which serves some lip-smacking dishes.

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI recommends the SHANGHAI CLUB for their collaborative effort of maintaining the pristine, authentic flavours of various international cuisines being offered on their menu. What impressed us more was their new endeavour SHANGHAI EXPRESS which has set-menu offerings which offer you a simulation of assorted dishes to suit your palate. Also impressive is the scintillating, peaceful ambience which is just apt for friends and family.

Right from the inviting, well-lit ambience to the superfluous service, the team at Shanghai Club ensures you leave with warm memories. The subtle flavours linger for long, the freshness of the ingredients charm you looking for comparisons of rendezvous at other eateries. The list is endless. The serving staff guides you through the menu and even if your choice isn’t part of the set menu, a midway is reached where you leave satisfied and thrilled with the pro-active approach to please.

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Veg Chilli Butter Soup - A hearty and satisfying soup - tastes as good with the chicken option too. Almost on the lines of a hot and sour, the flavours are miraculously successful in making this a perfect start. You will love this fully loaded with veggies creations. The butter tinge is minimal, yet adds the dynamism to the soup.


Sichuan pepper chicken -  Crispy chicken smothered in chili peppers, the Sichuan flavours are evident enough to offer tons of aromatics. An electrifyingly hot, flavourful sensation that’s so addictive.

Guiyang prawns – Almost on the lines of the street food specialty available in Shanghai, this one is perfectly Indian. The seasoning is perfect, the prawns fleshy, juicy and perfectly cooked.

Baby corn and water chestnut in BBQ sauce – A stunner for sure where the crunchy water chestnuts will ‘wow’ you. The BBQ sauce is a relish trip to ecstasy. Don’t miss this!

Sweet corn and kernels – On first thoughts, we weren’t so keen on trying this. But later we realized the insistence of the server was a perfect validation. Crunchy sweet corns loaded with subtle seasoning made this dish a munchathon.

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Twisted – Fruity, colorful, zingy and of course tangy too. Marvelous.


Bright Sparks – Perfection loaded, a wonderful slurp. Would love to go back for this again.

The Tall story – A cocktail version of the ‘twisted’ mocktail. Found it a bit too icy which tampered with the alcohol quotient in a short while.

Main Course:

Ginger capsicum burnt garlic fried rice – An ideal blend of fine flavours which complements both the non-vegetarian and veg dishes.

Pan fried noodles in black bean sauce – Despite not being much of a noodle fan, we were zapped at the phenomenal saucy layering to this pan fried noodle dish. Loved it.

Chilli bean tofu – Tofu has always been a treat for all veg lovers. This succulent, saucy and spicy dish was the perfect blend of two distinctive cuisines. And yes, the most incredible silky version for a tofu.

Pomfret in Chilli bean sauce – We would have preferred a different sauce option for this dish but somehow the Chef conjured the same vegetarian option, this time with fish. Nevertheless, the fish chunks were smooth, fresh and juicy.


Chocolate five spice cake – An ultimate surprise, perfect with the sweetness quotient. The richness would spoil you, make sure you share this sinful treat with someone.

Date and walnut pudding – Wonderfully rich and not-so sticky, that’s the perfect with which this dessert has been conjured. The thick, creamy layers create dynamite, the date flavour is subtle, without overpowering the walnut mix. An absolute delight.

As a parting note, we feel elated to the skies with the lilting, dancing flavors which have been maintained as per global standards. The SHANGHAI CLUB at the ITC, Grand Central surely is a hallmark piece of extravagance which gives cherishable memories for the years to come!




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