New menu launch at LOCI AND TOOT – what to order?


Food is all about exploring variations, connecting with new eateries and experiencing new cuisines. These days, eating and partying across Mumbai seems to be getting more exciting. Choosing the right destination for a culinary rendezvous with friends always becomes a difficult choice and we rarely end up visiting the same eatery for a second time. Well, this time we did break the rules since we were truly enchanted with the menu (the first time) and this time – they had come up with a new menu.

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI strongly recommends the all-New menu at LOCI AND TOOT in Bandra. This elegant café and bar has barely completed 8-months and their menu is all set to tantalize their diners and the Bandra-ites who loved what they served.

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With almost 25 restaurants and cafes mushrooming around the Bandra and Khar location, diners today have their plates full when it comes to making a choice. LOCI AND TOOT has always had a chef-driven approach which focused on offering freshly sourced ingredients, a classy friendly ambience and of course some awesome signature recipes.

The all-new menu, Europe and the Mediterranean East experience curated by Chef Shahbaz Shaikh showcases a healthy mix of vegetarian/non-vegetarian dishes, with an opulence of Vegan and Gluten Free options to choose from. Guests can also indulge in a range of fresh Handmade Pasta, Moroccan Flatbread, Burgers, Avocado Toast, amongst others.  Besides the normal fare, they have included some great vegan options too.

On a personal note, we noticed that dynamic spark within Chef Shahbaz when we were reviewing the Café some months back. There’s this classic touch in all his meals which empower the flavours in a subtle way yet linger within your psyche. The temptation to go back and relive the magical moments is quite strong. Chef Shahbaz always seem to go the extra mile with his personal interaction with diners and gathering constructive feedback despite a busy schedule – a trait which some Chefs do ignore.

The new menu review:

We certainly loved the cooking techniques and the minor twists which lend some dynamic explosions on the flavour front. The menu is perfectly curated to ensure that diners enjoy the small portions so that they can sample the multitude of options. Even classic dishes have been re-invented in a subtle way without incorporating showbiz dramatics to them. Well, yes – Chef Shahbaz has once again impressed us – and the new menu will surely woo and swoon the diners to come in all over again!

Here's our review on what we tried-and-tested:


Gin Gin situation

Ingredients - Gin, spiced pomegranate, sweet vermouth, fresh lime

Review – Fresh and exotic, a killer that will swoon your senses.

Melon Mayhem

Ingredients - Vodka, kaffir leaf, watermelon juice, lime juice

Review – Scintillating flavours, perfect blend and right spikes of the vodka.


Ingredients - Whiskey, salted caramel, espresso

Review – One of the most amazing cocktails which reminds you of a Bailey concoction. A slight variation in terms of the glass is evident, flavours remain the same. A must try.


Broccoli soup

Ingredients – Broccoli, thyme, roasted almond flakes

Review – Smooth, mouth-watering and not so creamy unlike the versions you are accustomed to. This is what makes this soup a light-hearted delight.

Small plates:

Berrylicious smoothie bowl

Ingredients - A blend of Banana, blackberry, raspberry with oat milk, topped with slices of Banana, granola, roasted pumpkin seeds, mint leaves

Review – We chose this one for the prime reason that of the colourful presentation. The healthiness of every smoothie bowl boils down to the preparation and ingredients used. If not prepared the right way, smoothie bowls can be unhealthy due to the presence of excessive sugar, fat, and sodium. This one was bang on – not just on flavours, textures but even on the portion size.

Vegan Pepperoni

Ingredients - Vegan pepperoni, in-house vegan cheese, rucola leaves

Review – A masterpiece, a sure-shot gratifying experience. The vegan pepperoni can pass off as meat, the crispy thinnest crust has the amazing base which isn’t too tangy. Loved the magic!

Corn Cob

Ingredients - Corn tossed in barbecue rub, parsley and vegan aioli sauce

Review – We almost avoided choosing this dish but relented when the Chef insisted. A startling creation, the magical flavours have minute traces of our Indian spices which we are accustomed to, but the ultimate effect is a joyful experience especially when you have to use your hands to eat this.

Main course:

Roastie with Mushroom Ragout

Ingredients - Coarsely grated potato, pan seared with herbs and a creamy mushroom gravy

Review – So hearty, cozy and flavorful – this one is pure deliciousness loaded. What we loved the most that the tangy tomato base which is usually part of this classic dish was missing. You will love the texture of the grated potato and the creamy gravy. The mushroom layer is truly intoxicating and balances the blend. 

Truffle Mushroom risotto

Ingredients - - Arborio rice, cooked in wild mushroom stock

Review – We chose to try this one minus the truffle oil. Somehow the flavours weren’t ticklish enough for our taste buds. The Arborio rice was great but the mushroom flavours were subdued.

Chicken Cacciatore

Ingredients - Pan seared chicken, mushroom, kalamata oil, snow pea, tomato, red wine and mashed potato.

Review – A classic bowl which is almost like a full meal in itself. Loved the presentation, the pan seared chicken need some perfection on the cooking. The mushroom and other veggies were amazing.

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Vegan toffee cake

Ingredients - Date and maple, toffee sauce, vegan vanilla ice cream. 

Review – An unbelievable collage of dynamic flavours. The vegan vanilla ice cream has a distinctive flavour. The date and maple cake was moist, rich and marvelous. An adequate dose of the toffee sauce created the drama.

Carrot cake

Ingredients - A moist sponge carrot cake stuffed with exotic nuts, filled with cream cheese. 

Review – A simple recipe that made a blasting effect with the preparation. Although we planned to just have a bite, we ended up sweeping a bigger portion. A must try.

Go ahead and experience the new menu at LOCI AND TOOT, you are bound to get addicted!



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