YOUKOSO’s Thai & Japanese menu would surely zap you. Check out the reasons!


YOUKOSO’s Thai & Japanese menu would surely zap you. Check out the reasons!

Does this cold weather tempt you to have some hot n slurpy soup, scrumptious salad and of course some sensational mild-spiced dishes for dinner? Well our wishes came true when we chanced upon YOUKOSO which offers some sizzling options in their Thai & Japanese menu.

Not only did we enjoy all what we tasted in their veg options, we thoroughly enjoyed the dynamic flavors from this premium delivery kitchen. The menu spans Thai and Japanese cuisine, offering a variety of dishes like soups, stir-fries, traditional curries & ramen Bowls. 

Chef couple Duo at Youkoso is the brainchild of Senthil Kumar Shanmugm and Gauri Senthil Kumar who has over 15 years of experience accrued through working across five countries and multiple cuisines along the way. Youkoso definitely serves 5-star category food and has an amazing winter special to offer this season.


Here’s what we would recommend:

Tom Kha Veg soup - Absolutely delightful, a perfect start to the meal.

Raw Papaya salad - The test for this salad is the slurpy dressing and fine tinge of the red chili. Perfectly blended and satiating. 

Lotus root chili honey - A show-stopper for sure. The additional chili honey dip is an ideal element that makes the dish a memorable one. The lotus root was surely well-cooked and not stubbornly crispy from the ones we have tried before. 

Teriyaki Grilled Tofu sauteed vegetable - Thick, square-shaped chunks of tofu offer the richness and upsurge the satiation levels. Flavors rule the roost with this creation and the mildly spiced veggies add the dramatics to the dish.

Massaman curry bowl - We are glad to have chosen this one since this was a dive into untested waters. And were we happy? A dynamite explosion of miraculous dancing flavors which will banish all your favorite memories about the ubiquitous thai curries you have earlier tried. Highly recommended. 

Phad kee mao noodles - This one is a munch-a-thon, truly delish for the entire family. 

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI strongly recommends YouKoso for upsurging the levels of premium, fine-dining cuisine in the food delivery segment. The price points match the competition, the flavors zoom way above. The menu is exhaustive with the regular staple choices but we would surely like you to explore beyond your limits. 

YouKoso has left behind fond memories which will linger for a long time. Be it the packaging, the branding and of course the flavor ethos - Youkoso is surely a STAR BORN which will shimmer, radiate and entice the connoisseur clientele who fancy great food memories. 

Go ahead and book your orders through Zomato or Swiggy. Thank us later.

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