Mediterranea Burgers - Mumbai’s Gourmet Burger Boss is Here!


Are you a Burger-holic who believes that every day is a Burger Day? Do you love your Burgers to be juicy, action-packed and loaded with sizzling flavours? Well, it’s time to say goodbye to all those burger joints which under-deliver and serve you half-done burgers.

Coming from the stables of Creative Eats, the brand MEDITERRANEA created a holocaust of sizzling flavours with their Mediterranean cuisine which was launched recently. WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI is thrilled to get the honours of introducing their exclusive, all-new and lip-smacking, seductive Burger range.

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Each burger we tasted has been a masterpiece. We always like our burgers to be juicy and this menu has luscious textures and sizzling flavours which are pure dynamite. What makes the menu perfect is that the vegetarian range offers the appropriate, delectable punch which even a non-vegetarian would smack his lips on to.


WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI strongly recommends the MEDITERRANEA Burgers for the prime reason that every burger of theirs which we tried is a thing of beauty – an absolute Gourmet delight.  There are no traces of the typical, done-to-death inferences of the American comfort food when it comes to flavours.


We were certainly overwhelmed by the novelty of the harmonious blends of the dressings vis-à-vis the ingredients. MEDITERRANEA burgers have made some unconventional yet phenomenal mixes on the flavour front. Even the vegetarian range is satisfying, non-messy yet juicy and a manifestation of all things that makes this treat your favorite comfort food.


Coming to the patty, each one is more than just a mouthful loaded with juicy flavours. Unlike the commercialized burger joints which serve the frozen range, here each patty is stout, decently oily and a seeded classic. MEDITERRANEA brings a new promise to taste distinction when it comes to their Burger range. They have also managed to balance the bun-patty ratio. Unlike several other fast food joints where big buns give away the illusion of its size and cheat on the patty size, this one is a truly smack-your-lips affair with the variations and miraculous mix of dressings. Oozy, perfectly gooey, juicy and a relish worthy experience is what you are guaranteed!

Having said all the above, do check our recommendations:


The Veg burger choices:


Ingredients - Bufala mozzarella cheese patty with pesto mayo, pesto sauce, fresh basil, tomato, lettuce, balsamic reduction, olives. This burger is a Napoli staple. 

Review – The mayo pesto sauce combo does the magic; the mozzarella cheese patty gives you indications of a juicy non-veg burger patty. The condiments add the dynamism to the burger.



Ingredients - Crumb fried vegetable patty, with feta cheese, avocado, olive oil, lettuce, tomato.

Review – The perfect blend of the avocado with olive oil enhances the flavours. The patty here is wholesome and slightly crunchy. Loved this one too!



Ingredients - Grilled Truffle infused Portobello burger, lettuce, tomato, truffle mayo, mozzarella cheese. A true Italian Stallion.

Review – This one is a must-try for all truffle and portobello mushroom lovers. The size is quite big for a single serving so you can share this one. The truffle mayo and mushroom chunks add a different flavour when compared to the other burgers.


The Non-veg burger choices:



Ingredients - Grilled Chicken patty with tzatziki, feta cheese, lettuce, fresh tomatoes, caramelized onion, a Greek Classic.

Review – The caramelized onions make this a lip-smacking, juicy delight. A complete meal with oozing, overflowing juices – an absolute delight.



Ingredients - Herb infused lamb patty with house harissa sauce, toum, caramelized onion, cheese, lettuce, tomato. 

Review – A showstopper for sure. The juicy patty and herb infusions still linger strong in our memory.  A sure-shot dynamite you shouldn’t share or miss out on!


Kudos to the team at Mediterranea for this exquisite range which has been an absolute delightful experience. Like they say, the best burgers are the ones shared with friends and family – go ahead and place your orders now!


You can order the menu for all your parties from their website or connect with them on their Instagram page


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