Collaborate with us!

WHATS HOT IN MUMBAI is open and receptive to collaborations with brands, restaurants, delivery / cloud kitchens, home chefs / bakers/ chocolatiers and start-ups. 

We would love to promote your product range for the innovativeness added to them.  We could work out a collaboration depending on the minimum amount of products or services provided to us for review. If you are interested, please email us at that we can send you the courier details. 

From 1st January 2023, the deliverables are subject to change depending on the collaboration and requirement of the brand / service. 

Your stories would be added to the links which have been listed below. Please click on the hyperlinks.

What we would offer:

A product-based review on our website

Instagram updates:

What’s Hot in Mumbai – 107,000 followers

Instagram stories could also be cascaded on our other Instagram accounts

Facebook updation (any 3):

What’s Hot in Mumbai FB group – 15k audience reach

Mumbai High Life FB group – 10400 audience reach

Mumbai Lifestyle FB group – 2300 audience reach

India TV Timess FB group – 3700 audience reach 

Mumbai Foodie Facebook group – 5,500 audience (for food-based products and services only)

Sales links to products (website, Instagram, Facebook) will also be added to the posts.

Coverage can be increased by posting on multiple Facebook accounts depending on the collaboration criteria.

What we would require from your end:

A detailed product profile for the products which are being sent out, pics and also some posters if you have ready. Timelines for deliverables would be 5 working days or earlier. Please deliver the product information mentioned here on time to avoid delays.

Looking forward to a positive response from your end. 

Stay blessed with an abundance always!!



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