Summer Special – Mumbai’s Best All-veg Kunafa.


People do need to stay healthy and eat right to keep the body fit and functioning. But our sweet tooth is a part of this wonderful machine, so we have to honour it and spoil it from time to time... to time. With so much new options coming up our way, if you are looking for a sweet indulgence that would leave warm, endearing memories in your life – then it is time to try the KUNAFA if you still haven’t.

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI STRONGLY RECOMMENDS ‘FOODEEMENTALS’ KUNAFA – since it retains all the original flavours of the exotic Mediterranean sweet treat and will surely get a smile on your family’s face.

Knafeh or Kunafa is a delightful sweet melted cheese or fresh cream pastry dessert. Popular throughout the Middle East and in Lebanese restaurants, this syrup-soaked cheese dessert is encased with crisp kataifi pastry and sprinkled with loads of crispy fried vermicelli.

Our review:             

Having lived a decent 14 years in Dubai, we are great fans of the Lebanese and Arabic, Mediterranean delicacies. So Kunafa has always been on our top priority to rekindle our memories of this exotic sweet treat. Our search for the best kunafa brought to our notice the Instagram pages of @Foodeementals and @Turkideserts which had got some rave reviews.

Managed by the duo, Zubair and Parveen Barudgar, the journey of Foodeementals started almost 5 years back. The USP’s of their kunafas that make them stand stall from the competition is that they are an all-veg creation and cooked in pure ghee. Besides this, the sugar-saffron syrup they offer is truly lilting and adds an amazing dimension to the sweet dessert.

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We tried 3 varieties to ascertain the difference. The original version of the Kunafa with the cream was truly bliss and divine. Since the kunafa is bland in its original form, you have to sprinkle or maybe splurge the sugar syrup as per your liking. This is the ultimate treat one should always give your close family and friends. They would always thank you for introducing them to this heavenly dessert.

The ‘Cheese kunafa’ is slightly heavy since it is loaded with cheese but yes, this version too has its loyalist followers. The ‘Chocolate Nutella’ kunafa will be a super-hit with the kids at home, they just won’t stop at finishing the entire plate.

Speaking to the duo, they disclosed, “Foodeementals has been the pioneer of Kunafa in Mumbai. It has the credit of introducing quality kunafa to Mumbaikars. Launching the kunafa in this competitive sweet treat market where people were not aware of the product, was quite a challenge. We strived to give our best and ever since then we have been doing well. Off late, many people have come up with kunafa in Mumbai but we can proudly say that our kunafa is the best in the entire city. We have always believed in using the best ingredients and never compromise on quality, even our packaging is premium”.

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From what we gathered was that this brand is the most chosen brand to offer bulk orders from restaurants, private parties and even corporate events. Kudos to the duo, who has unfurled such a dynamic exotic dessert and done tremendous business (besides carving a niche for their excellence). They have withstood all the challenges with grit, grace and hard work. While most others from the competition have chosen gimmicks as variations – it is always the ORIGINAL which rules the roost and garners support from food lovers!

Go ahead and book your orders in advance. You can connect with them on their Instagram pages @Foodeementals or @Turkideserts or alternatively call Zubair and Parveen Barudgar at 7045811346 / 9930069983.

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