INDEPENDENCE BREWING COMPANY (IBC) – Powai’s Hot-n-happening Craft Bar, Brassiere Hangout is a sizzling change!


‘Beer with Buddies’ is the anthem for a group of Millennials or corporate gang who want to unwind after a hard day’s schedule. While most of the beer lovers are clamouring for new flavour options coupled with some curated European influence cuisine, a #newplacealert in Powai has taken the locality by storm. The INDEPENDENCE BREWING COMPANY latest offering for the inmates of Powai is a welcome change.

What sets IBC, Powai a class apart from the rest?

As you amble in, the first impressions of the eclectic, modern artwork on the entire left wall is what catches your eye and sets your mood right. Coupled with this, is the most heart-warming welcoming smile from the Guest Relations Staff on the counter. Next what catches our attention is the rather long table, right in the center allows for that ‘community-feel’ and stamps their belief of, Great Things Happen, Together!

IBC’s spacious, sprawling and positive vibes will take you straight to the feel of a downtown Club in New York city.

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The beers and cocktail range:

Apropos all craft bars that served brewed beers, we get a platter of some 11 different brews to choose from before we place our order. The range is dynamic with flavours ranging from tangy, mild and extremely bitter. A beer guzzler would enjoy trying the new flavours and exploring new horizons towards his beer trail.

Soul shaker and Weiss Crack were our choices which were soothing and not extremely bitter. The cider versions were lovely too which we had sampled.

On the cocktail front, we sampled the Summer Gin Fizz which was just about okay. The cocktail range has the best-sellers which have been tried earlier. Surely looking forward to some signature originals with a beer base.

What we tried:

Black bean hummus – This vegetarian small plate is a variation to the original hummus. An organic creation, this one is served with Israeli pita. The dish looks appetizing but the flavours are too subtle. The dynamics of the sprinkled olive oil which enhances a hummus dish was missing.

Spiced Lamb meat balls – Meat balls are a perfect treat to balance the beer flavours. The Chef has merged this with a generous serving of a hummus bed with miniature meat balls loaded onto them. The spice element is provided only with the red and green chilli shreds. What we expected was something really flavourful and spicy. The mini meat balls hardly add the ‘meaty punch’ coz of their size. This dish could be a hot-seller for sure if enhanced to perfection.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio – Our vegetarian counterpart loved this dish. Since we aren’t much of a spaghetti fan, we skipped this.

Turmeric infused kingfish – Going by our server’s recommendation, we opted for this dish. The rice bed is smeared with barely four spoons of the turmeric gravy. Mr. Chef – how do you expect your diner to relish the balance portion of the rice? Two spoons of tasting the dish which lacked the sizzle / punch of a beautiful turmeric loaded dish – we just put the dish aside.

Desserts always provide that sweet ending to a meal and we would scream loud from rooftops on what we chose. The Baklava cheesecake is one of the most relishing, mesmerizing and lick-it-all dessert we have tried in recent times. An original for sure, this one swept off all the sad flavour notes we experienced. Great job on this one!

Overall, IBC Powai did impress us for the amazing ambience, the beers and some of the dishes. We would surely be bouncing back to taste the new menu they are introducing shortly. This Craft Beer Bar surely has pulsating energies, strong vibes and a passionate team to match. Success is just round the corner and Powai would be proud to have your presence felt!!

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