Sukanya Bhataacharya shares her entrepreneurial success secrets.


Caring for humanity, taking up a cause, promoting the rich cultural heritage of India – and succeeding at your entrepreneurial venture with ease and elan seems to be every businesswoman’s dream. WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI came upon one such dynamic, articulate and successful entrepreneur who sorted her priorities and ensured success was a cakewalk!

SUKANYA BHATAACHARYA is a graduate in English literature with a masters in Communications and Marketing. Sukanya worked as a Regional Marketing Manager at HDFC Bank, Consultant – Senior Research Director at IMRB International, and National Head Marketing at Kotak Mahindra Bank before starting her own label, Prathaa. Sukanya’s love for travel, exploration, and her immense respect for Indian art and weaves are a few factors that motivated her to lay the foundation of Prathaa.

With a vision to create a mindfully meaningful impact on the handwoven weaves and heritage art segment of India, Prathaa aims to create a sustainable livelihood for the talents behind the crafts. Through the brand, educating the end consumer to be mindful in their shopping journey and thereby creating a demand for these crafts is one of her major achievements.

In our ‘Women’s Day’ segment, Sukanya Bhataacharya shares some nuggets of wisdom for the women of today, especially those who are looking for entrepreneurial success.

Do share some of my success mantras.

I believe in not stressing about things/circumstances that are beyond my own control. To have clarity on the purpose/vision of doing things and maintaining consistency in the same is something I believe in. Delegate the right work to the right people and allow them to enjoy freedom in the kind of work they do. Do not take on more than you can handle.

We all make mistakes before we succeed. Do share some learning  from your mistakes?

Mistakes and failures evolve us personally and professionally. We Learn and Grow from them and move on to enjoy the benefits of this learning rather than being stuck.

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Balancing the career and personal front with ease? How do you manage?

Love what you do, do what you love and you will never have to struggle to balance. It does not feel like a struggle towards balancing if we follow this mantra.

Women empowerment is all about:

Empowering each other, collaborating to be able to grow with cumulative strength.

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Tips to inspire women of today

·      Have a clear vision in mind and focus on working towards it. It can be easy to get distracted when you are a working professional managing your home too. Don’t let it cloud your decisions.

·      As a startup, you will face hurdles. Overcome them one at a time and keep the bigger picture in mind. Struggles will be a part of your journey so you will need be patient and give yourself time to invest in your business.

·      Be consistent. Do not follow the trends blindly but true to yourself and your brand. Your audience has a certain brand image in mind about your business. 

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