Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas – Luxurious, Infuzd brews for the Connoisseur!!


WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI strongly recommends TOTALLY INFUZD since it unfurls an unparalleled tea drinking experience with an exceptional taste of exquisite finesse that are bound to invigorate your taste buds upon the first sip.


If you are a Tea Connoisseur, this brand will surely uphold the perfect tea-drinking experience in your everyday life! A range that caters to a wellness and healthy lifestyle, the range is varied to suit every tea-lovers dream. The luxuriant packaging makes the tea ranges perfect for gifting or for surprises too. Each flavour is a precious delicacy of sorts. You can feel the strong aroma once you open the premium tea jar, the teas are freshly brewed and blended to perfection.

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The Ultimate Binge for the health freaks.

India’s first prebiotic skincare brand.

A 100% organic wellness brand.

Perfect curated products for babies.

Soothing soy wax candles and bio-degradable tea-light holders.

TOTALLY INFUZD loose tea range includes Oolong Tea, Black Tea, White tea, Herbal Tea, and Green Tea. You can also choose from distinctive variants such as  Kashmiri Kahwa, Ayurvedic Antistress, Haldi Lemon Moringa, Jade Calm, Hibiscus Rose, Haldi Immunity, Jadibooti Chai, and more!

Go ahead and book your premium customized orders and languish with some luxurious teas. You can order from the links mentioned below:


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