Sanjana Bahl – ‘Nostalgia Homes’ unique and exclusive artefacts cannot be replicated.

Women and men have entirely different decision-making processes. When under stress, men tend to take more risks, whereas women are a lot more calculated and consider all consequences, not only to themselves but to all stakeholders. Women often have a lot more collaborative approach when compared to men but men can confidently make decisions and stick by them. Striking the right balance with her entrepreneurial venture, forging ahead and carving a luxury niche to her brand, SANJANA BAHL - (Founder of Nostalgia Homes) impressed us with her business acumen, her unflinching passion for building a successful business model and YES – being a winner all the way!!

A luxury home décor venture, Nostalgia Homes is a space for ornate and elegant pieces that help elevate your home or workspace. Founded in 2008, the label is an amalgamation of a passion for interior design and a desire to add value to every corner of your place. Nostalgia's signature repertoire of home accessories includes a fair collection of bespoke indoor and outdoor/garden furniture, sculptures, statues, and other dainty décor elements, perfect for your spaces and gifting too. Bespoke accent furniture pieces also make for a large part of Nostalgia Homes, along with candle stands, statues, figurines, planters, photo frames, vases, bar accessories, ceramic ware, and more.

Over to Sanjna Bahl who shares some nuggets of wisdom and enthralls us with her journey to the success zone.

How did your ‘Nostalgia Homes’ come into being?

Inspired by my travel and love for art and craft, I started off by supplying sculptures and artefacts to décor stores across the country. I used to hand-pick home décor products from across the globe during this phase of my career. Then, I started working with artisans in India, South Asia and South-East Asia and supplying to premium stores across the country as well as started décor giftable and catered to private clients as well as corporates. Soon, I started to branch out into outdoor décor and more bespoke indoor home décor. With the surge of appreciation, I received then, I realized that it was time to launch my own brand and I took the leap forward.

There is a thin, fine line between art and extravagance when it comes to home décor. How do you balance the same?

We always design and craft home décor with an equal balance of aesthetics and utility. This balance is struck by infusing art into the everyday and occasion décor that we all use.

What makes ‘Nostalgia Homes’ a much sought-after brand when it comes to home décor?

The raw artistic appeal that makes our cultural artefacts so unique globally is the very core of our home décor. That local craftsmanship coupled with the supreme quality makes each of our pieces unique. We house some unique and exclusive pieces created by different artists and sculptors that cannot be replicated. This makes our products perfect for clients seeking exclusivity.

Why did you choose Alibaug as a showroom front?

While visiting friends and family in Alibaug, I realized the market there for quality home décor. My acquaintances there would struggle with outdoor furniture as well as impeccable home décor. This made me realize the space for a niche market there, leading me to open ‘Nostalgia Homes’ there.

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Did the pandemic hamper your business? How did you change the slump for your benefit?

The Pandemic most definitely hit our business badly as it did with most offline businesses. On the flip side, however, surprisingly, the pandemic served as the catalyst for our online presence. As it struck, we realized we needed to establish a strong online presence, and that is when we made the switch from offline to online, flourishing in that space too. That is also when we decided to make drastic changes to our product line and design, where we introduced an exclusive yet affordable range of Dining & Serving, Décor Accents, Giftables and Garden Accessories online. Our website is live now

Do you have an online presence if décor lovers want to buy some artefacts?

Yes, and we’ve seen massive growth in sales after we also established an online presence.

What are the current trends in home décor? What are your clients actually looking for?

Especially since the pandemic, locally made décor items have gained more popularity, giving better momentum to décor businesses. Moreover, standalone décor pieces that are created exclusively with no intention of 
being replicated are certainly in trend. Moreover, people are getting more and more interested in investing in dining ware, due to the trend of lavish intimate meals.

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Why do women make better entrepreneurs?

I believe that women are more empathetic and resilient with the many roles they adopt over their lives, which leaves them better at managing a business, combating challenges, and creating a thriving work culture too. 

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