Where to buy exquisite Buransh rose syrup, yummy kiwi and apple fruit spread?


WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI always strives and struggles to review exotic products that have some unique USP’s and also promote an organic, healthy living lifestyle for our readers. In our recent endeavour, we came across this brand which has been vociferously promoting natural products with an effective agenda in mind.

WHY WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI ENDORSES ‘SROT’ – is for the prime reason that ‘Srot’, is an artisanal brand that believes in connecting consumers with the source of authentic natural ingredients. The brand emerges a winner at bridging social divide specifically amongst the women farmers of the hills and also help in creating right value for the efforts of the women members who work in making the brand success.

The products have been created with a lot of love and passion in the pristine valleys of Almora on the banks of river Kosi with active participation from trained women growers and farmers of hills. The SROT product range is dynamic and the flavours added to them are not just unique but endearing too.

Here's what we tried and tasted from their range:

Buransh Rose Squash

As the temperature goes high in the summer season, we look for coolants and drinks to get respite from the heat. Summer season increases our likeness for drinks as a response to the water content getting removed from the body in the form of sweat.

While having plain water is good, adding varieties to it is even better. It is surprising to know that there are several such things around us, which can be a good addition to water and make a super coolant for summers.

Have you tried the Buransh rose squash?

Not many know what Buransh is all about – it is made out of Rhododendron flowers that are freshly plucked in the season and then processed into a ready concentrate for consumption in our homes. This ready mix for a drink is ideal for the hot summers and adds the cooling effect besides having nutritional and immunity values.

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What we liked about this?

The Buransh rose squash surely has a soothing effect, with a dynamic flavour to the drink. While most of us are bored with the normal synthetic cooler creations, this one adds a zing to the drink. The taste and flavour level are a perfect blend which makes it addictive for sure.

Himalayan Kiwi Fruit Spread

Does your kid prefer jam or fruit spread on the bread toast for his breakfast or tiffin box? Are you still confused whether a fruit spread is a healthier choice than plain old jam? Frankly, it’s time for you to move to fruit spreads which are more authentic, flavourful and just right for your kids.

What we liked about this product?

What impressed us most is that this product line is 100% natural and a vegetarian product. The No preservative, no Artificial Colours and Flavours makes it enticing especially since the spreads are made from fresh, handpicked fruit grown organically in high altitudes of Himalayan regions.

The brand ensures that the fruit spread is high on fruit content and low on sugar. It is highly nutritious and healthy option for both kids and adults. After all, kiwis are known to be powerful antioxidants and high in Vitamin C.

On the texture front, we noticed a thick, chunky consistency. However, the tanginess associated with kiwis was overwhelming. You would almost be tempted to slather a thick layer of the kiwi fruit spread on the crisp bread, rather than the thin scraping actually applied. The rich, glistening texture surely is impressive. The ‘off taste’ is surely memorable and you would love the subtle notes of the kiwi seeds which are generously noticeable.

A must try for sure – and surely the right time to change to this brand.

Himalayan Apple Fruit Spread

Coming close on the heels of the kiwi fruit spread, we chose to even experiment with the apple fruit spread. As we are aware, apples are a rich source of antioxidants and iron. They also contains dietary fibre needed to support a healthy digestive system, as well as Vitamin A, K and C. that’s the best nutritional value for your kid.

What we liked about this product?

This fruit spread is made from fresh, handpicked fruit grown organically in high altitudes of Himalayan regions. It is exclusively curated and produced in small batches for health-conscious households. On the nutrition front, it is high on fruit content and low on sugar. It is highly nutritious and healthy option for kids.

On the flavour front, we noticed that since the fruit spread is totally natural and based on the produce for the season, the actual flavours of apples were quite underplayed. When compared to the kiwi fruit spread, we found this one less scintillating and punch-focused.

Himalyan Organic Cookies

We chose to try and taste the Yogic Cookies which were sugar free and gluten free. These handmade cookies were loaded with organic jaggery and packed with good carbs.

There was a subtle earthy taste which was perfectly balances with oats and whole grain wheat flour. Overall, a much-awaited change from the urban bakery cookies which somehow lack the coarse texture that gives a rustic feel while eating them.

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI strongly recommends SROT not just for their amazing product line-up but all for their dynamic vision of promoting a healthy lifestyle and offering employment for our Indian farmers.

You can place your orders from their website - https://srotthesource.com or even order from Amazon.

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