Must-try Mouth-Watering Latin American Dishes at Cafe Duco, Bandra


Taking our food journey ahead and pursuing our tryst for an amazing kaleidoscope of diverse cultural food expressions, WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI came across this quaint little cafe which has been creating a buzz for its Latin American and Mexican menu.

LATIN AMERICAN FOOD IN BANDRA? Well, we had the same shell-shocked expression since Foodies Heaven, Bandra has been mushrooming with vegan and healthy options when it comes to the menu. Gone are the days when the low-end pricing buffets ruled the roost in Bandra, now we are loaded with pristine choices to satiate our palate. WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI was surely dumbstruck and stupefied with the menu which is a smorgasbord of lively, delicious food, drawn from food memories collected over one of the best vacations of this Le Cordon Bleu-trained Chef. Besides bagging a load full of awards in her kitty, CHEF URVIKA KANOIs impressive and stunning success stories are dazzling and prolific. Her kaleidoscopic culinary offering in the form of CAFE DUCO in Bandra, prides itself on serving the most authentic & flavour-packed tacos ranging from buttermilk fried chicken to lamb birria, charred sweet potato to pulled jackfruit. 

The new Winter menu is a delightful amalgamation of tapas, ceviche, Cubanos, large plates, salads & quesadillas. As always, we chose not to go down the conventional route for making our menu choices and boldly ventured to some ballistic, stunning creations. Even the tacos we chose were startling discoveries. The flavour quotient is bang-on, with a mild Indian palate twist yet retaining the true essence of the cuisine. The portion sizes are a robust yummy treat. 

Since the Winter menu had loads of non vegetarian options, we chose some of our untouched dishes to make our culinary expedition further. On this ambience front, this cute, quaint cafe is tastefully done without any extra frills. The mood is set and yes, the taste quotient is at a penultimate high and takes precedence. 

We started with the Hola Mejico salad which is light, tasty and refreshing. What makes the salad a stroke of genius is the great creamy texture of the dressing. The tangy, citrus notes are missing but we surely enjoyed the kidney beans, black eyed beans  and grilled mushroom with the magical Chipotle dressing, 

Chilaquiles, the traditional Mexican breakfast dish, was next on our list. The crunchy, home-made Tortilla chips created a symphony of ecstatic flavours with the mojorojo, bean mix, queso, pico de gallo avocado sour cream. A variation to the customary salsa flavours we all are accustomed to. The Wild mushroom taco with its Chilli butter jalapeno, enoki slaw, pico de gallo is a portentous treat.

Chef insisted we try a small portion of the Lamb birria taco which surely is the showstopper and a not-to-be-missed dish. The flavours are truly sensational and outstanding. The Braised lamb is a delectation feast, the crunch exterior oozing with the signature cheese mix makes you earn for bigger bites. The bone broth served with this dish is apparently a favorite with diners but we were content with the spicy tinge of the lamb itself.

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A small tasting portion of the Gambaz al ajilo was another stunner. This dish is an absolute must-have on every Spanish restaurant menu obviously for a good reason. It's a dish of shrimp / prawn cloaked in garlic-infused olive oil with smoky hints of paprika. Just spoon the prawn and sauce over the rustic heart-shaped toasted bread and sprinkle more cayenne and parsley on top to enjoy. The smoky flavours are magical, a pure dynamite of a dish. 

For desserts, we tried the Churros which brought back our chocolatey memories. Churros is a sweet treat you just hope it lasts forever. A pitch perfect creation. For drinks, we tried the Bauble bar (Iced dark chocolate fresh strawberries), Jingle ale (Fresh strawberry homegrown ginger ale, lime, mint) and Pink me up smoothie (Mixed berries, banana, almond milk, yoghurt, coconut chips). Our choice was surely refreshing and soothing.

Kudos to Chef Urvika for this stunning enterprise which has food aficionados and connoisseurs (including the firangs of Bandra) who will vouch for the delicious treat CAFE DUCO has to offer. The exhaustive menu has all the delicious treats and Chef Urvika can speak volumes about the Latin American cuisine - Undoubtedly, no Mexican or Latin American has impressed us so much before. A perfect treat, a cozy date place ambience, soothing service - what more could you ask for!

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