TRIPPY GOAT Mumbai blends diverse culinary traditions, the finest coffees, a trending cocktail program – A must visit.

Good food is good mood especially when it is perfectly blended with some infectious inferences from our rich Indian cultural food heritage. We chanced upon this marvelous #newplacealertinmumbai which not only zapped our taste buds but also unfurled some miraculous revelations of the hidden gastronomic pleasures we have been missing out on.

WHAT'S HOT IN MUMBAI would take pride in screaming out loud from rooftops about TRIPPY GOAT, the latest all-new entrant within the Kamala Mills food zone complex. What surely mesmerized us was the meticulous attention to detail and the elaborate confluence of our favorite Southern spice flavours which have been dramatically incorporated in every dish – with absolute perfection.

A blazoning round of drum rolls and standing ovation to Vishal Nagpal, Director F&B operations whose unstinted dedication, dynamic creativity creates a Holocaust of sizzling and flavourful moments for the diner. Trippy Goat has already created success in Bangalore and the menu at Mumbai is sheer magic, magnifique and enticing. Vishal and his team's vision and creative streak make, “Trippy Goat is a haven for those seeking a unique blend of art, culture, and gastronomy. We're offering an authentic and true dining experience. From signature dishes that tell a story of India's culinary diversity to our curated wine collection, there's something for every palate. But Trippy Goat is more than just a place to eat; it's a space for creativity and collaboration. At Trippy Goat, every visit is a celebration of living well." A perfectly summed up verdict from the Man who will create a sensational, successful sojourn with #MumbaiFoodies.

Without dwelling more on the decor of this Cafe, we choose to dive in straight into our food review.

Here's a list of the choices we made:

We started with the Duet of Marina Beach Sundal - Edamame & Periperi Chickpea. This surely was a more healthy and appetizing option which paired perfectly with the cocktails. We couldn't resist keep munching on the perfectly flavoured edamame and chickpea. Quite a sensational opening for your meal.

Our next choice was the It's Not a Mutton Sukka - Plant Based Protein Steak Tossed in a Home Blended Sukka Spice Mix. A must try for the vegetarians and the perfect masaledaar option for the evening. The plant based steak chunks were super satiating, make sure you share it with others too if you want to taste the other delicacies for the evening.


The Paya Puchka is a dramatic overtone to cleanse your palate. The 5 hour Cooked Lamb Shank in a Fun Puchka Shot is drool worthy and you would surely guzzle with an extra helping. An extraordinary twist to the usual puchka sensations made available at other fine dining restaurants.

What really stole our heart and will linger in our memories for long is the Bangalore Style Baked Kebab Chicken Wings & Curry Leaf Ranch. Another twist to the chicken wings which is apparently a bestseller with their Bangalore cafe. We loved the oozing kebab marination which was pitch-perfect.

Another startling, quixotic dancing flavour dish is the Malnad Kismuri Salad. A combination of Vichy Style Carrots, Torched Raisins, Candied Apples, Lettuce in a Light Tempered Mustard Yoghurt Dressing with Crisp Lotus Stem. The salad dressing was poles apart from the usual ones you have had. The cherry on the icing was the secretly hidden yoghurt dressing on the chips which created a marvelous magic to the entire salad bowl. Yummy for sure!

Just when we thought we had bitten more than our expectations, the team insisted we try the Grilled Fish Moilee. Fresh Sea Bass coupled with Grilled Veggies were well-balanced with a Coconutty Millet, Raw Banana Chips, Roast Potatoes and a Coconut Flavoured Moilee Sauce. This usual continental dish had the zingy twist of Southern spice flavours which made it endearing. Hats off to the team to curate and perfectly synchronize the flavours so that they didn't overpower the fishy flavours.

The showstopper for us was the Ratatouille X Gassi. A must have for vegetarians, the Ratatouille Vegetables got this glam sizzling palate titillating magic when submerged with the Managalore Gassi inspired tomato sauce. South flavours of the Gassi have always been a delight and this dish is surely lip-smacking.

For a sweet ending, we opted for the Trippy Goat Signature Poached Pear. This dessert seems to be a bestseller in Bangalore and has been sneaked out of Vishal Nagpal's wife secret recipes. The Mulled Wine Poached Pears are a delectable treat especially since they have been perfectly blended with some Parsi Dairy Kulfi and Cream. A light dessert without an overbearing saccharine twist which is worth feasting on.

Make sure you end your meal with an Affogato. The Medium Roast Hand Pressed Espresso and Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream give you the ooh la laa effect and you will surely be yearning for more!

Well, we didn't forget to mention and scream out loud about the perfectly curated cocktails which are a highlight of the menu too. The Trippy Beets is a Trippy Signature of Short Story Gin, Goat Milk Washed Beetroot Juice & Ginger and Lemon. A quite striking and revolutionary move to incorporate beetroot within the cocktail zone. A perfect blend, a sensational creation from the mixologist team. Another cocktail you mustn't miss is the Espresso Martini, The Trippy Way. A must have for all Bailey lovers but this one is a Riff made from Indianized House Coffee, Ground Chukku Kapi Mix, Short Story Vodka, Kahlua, Jaggery Syrup and Green Cardamom Tincture. You will go ga-ga while you bite on the ginger-jaggery cookie bite which accompanies this droolworthy cocktail.

Well, we are sure our review has already oozed your taste buds so make sure you visit this Cafe soon – especially during the Diwali festival season. We bet you want regret this decision and come back with warm, endearing food memories.

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