What makes DITAS new ROUGE menu a trailblazing one?


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and the Mumbai hospitality segment treads faster when it comes to copycat-ing recipes or cocktail concoctions which have proved super-hit with the competition. The last quarter has seen an enormous influx of Mediterranean menus being bombarded and served by Mumbai restaurants and cafes. What is quite ironic is that although these copycat recipes capture all the fun of dining out, a diner gets bored since most of them have nothing unique to savour. 

Are you ready for a symphony of red-infused creations, expertly curated by our culinary maestros? WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI experienced an AVANT-GARDE menu which is a trendsetting, culinary innovation.

DITAS Mumbai has undoubtedly revolutionized the dining experience with its groundbreaking colour experience - ROUGE. For the first time, we came across a special nuanced menu through the lens of the colour of passion which matched, enhanced and immersed us on a sensory journey like no other. Every dish is creatively sublime - even a basic beetroot hummus dish has the super-scoopy dynamism that sets it apart from the rivals. Not only is the hummus mind-blowing, the pink colored pita breads are a visual and flavourful treat too. And yes, this is just talking about one dish on the menu.


This unique food festival promises an extraordinary celebration of all things food and drink, centered around the captivating shade of red. Rouge is a culinary extravaganza that will captivate taste buds and ignite imaginations. Through an exquisite selection of dishes and drinks, each meticulously crafted with a touch of red, guests will embark on a vibrant culinary adventure that explores the many dimensions and flavours of the colour spectrum.

Our Recommendations with a short review:

DRINKS - The Blush martini cocktail is an absolute delight. The Raspberry and peach medley mocktail has all the punch, panache and lilting experience which makes it a must try. 

DON’T MISS THIS BEST SALAD EVER - the Beetroot and grapefruit salad is a perfect start to the meal. A crazy combo of the grapefruit (oozing with multiple flavours), an insanely rapturous dressing - a perfect treat. 

SMALL PLATES - Although there has been an overdose of Hummus, this Beetroot hummus and guacamole creation is supremely interlaced with twists from within. We loved it. Of course, the pink colored roasted pita reminded us of the Barbie euphoria. 

Our other two options were the Bang bang cottage cheese cream tahini which reminded us of a subtle merger of the kung pao flavours plus more. Sensational!

The Sambal oelek river sole is an electrifying delight, the confluence of two unique flavours creating some magical notes was surely enticing. 

FOR DESSERTS, the Strawberry mousse flan is a vanilla bean sponge dramatically balanced with tangy strawberry compote is a classic and subtle on the sweetness frequencies. Great one. 

ROUGE will be available for a limited time only at Ditas, Lower Parel. So mark your calendars in Rouge as you head on over for an unforgettable experience of culinary exploration!

We surely wish that this special ROUGE menu is retained as part of their original menu. We are coming back soon to tingle our taste buds with other favorites of ours like the Four Cheese Ravioli with spicy marinara, the tantalizing Handmade Pink Fettuccini with Feta crumble, and the aromatic Thai Red Curry Chicken with pineapple and bamboo shoots. Believe us, this just doesn’t sound tempting but is a mind-blowing treat for every connoisseur. 

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