When selecting a fine dining restaurant, diners don’t just look only for delicious food. They choose restaurants that offer a combination of great food, awesome service, and pleasing ambiance. Unique surroundings make for a memorable dining experience. If your restaurant is set in a charming area with a beautiful or interesting view, your aesthetics battle is won. Our recent visit to a newly launched fine dining restaurant in Bkc, Bandra mesmerized us with its GLITZ, GLAM & GOOD FOOD amalgamation to create a perfect success story in the hospitality industry!

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI strongly recommends a trip to AMAZONIA in Bkc, Bandra which has made a euphoric entry to the already crowded zone of restaurants in the vicinity. AMAZONIA stands tall and ushers a revolutionary blitzkrieg which oozes impeccable and fool-proof  planning to ensure every facet is perfect. THE LAUNCH OF ‘AMAZONIA’ IS A MASTERPIECE, LOADED WITH EXCELLENCE - not just on the ambience level but also on the momentous assimilation of a superior World-class food and cocktail menu. 


Amazonia brings the spirit of carnival into the world of luxury dining and stimulating entertainment. A spectacle for the eyes and a pleasure for the senses, you would be surprised with hidden mysteries waiting to be discovered. Every inch of the restaurant, from its textured ceiling and glass façade to the velvety-colourful fringed lampshades hanging above low-lit booths gives an extremely glamorous tropical vibe.

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One of our Instagram followers did comment on the interior resemblance to another Café but we strongly disagree. AMAZONIA has emerged notches above with its sensational Amazon jungle-like feeling. The caricatures are premium, evoke an exhilarating jubilation moment with finesse. One of the most creative Instagrammable locations where you would love to get clicked and immerse in the magical flavors from the menu. 


Kudos to PRASUK JAIN, he has elevated the hospitality standards and created a truly luxuriously exotic, yet contemporary elevated experience. Recently launched in Bkc Bandra, AMAZONIA should be on everyone's bucket list if you are looking for Good Food, Good Mood and Good Music. 


AMAZONIA has surely impressed us with their outstanding originals and fresh take on fine dining. We recommend every connoisseur to take a big bite on their scintillating menu, cocktails and desserts. The service is supreme, the constant flurry of servers always ready to help you out and clear your tables on time. Be it the warm welcome from the front office staff to the smiling faces, our visit was perfectly managed by Mr. Sandeep and Ms. Ananya who guided us on our dish choices. 


We chose to opt for the Korean and Japanese dishes which we felt would add value to our page and blog. Listed below are some of our choices:

Vegetable Kimbap - For those who are unaware, Kimbaps are the Korean version for Japanese sushi. Unlike the Japanese sushi wherein the sushi rice is seasoned with vinegar, kimbap is cut with sesame oil and tastes slightly sweeter. Our dish was a feast with pickled radish, carrot, cucumber, spinach and  shiitake. You cannot miss the freshness, the crunch and the dip which creates miraculous flavours. A must try for sure. 




BBQ Prawns - This is one dish you must surely order. Little did we expect such a sizable portion to be served when we ordered a BBQ Prawns dish. The elaborate live counter BBQ cooking fascinated the diners around us. The strong, yummy and aromatic flavours engulfed the air and made us more hungry. 

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The dish is more of a DIY preparation where you add the ingredients as per your taste and liking in the lettuce leaves and make a healthy roll. The khimchi, other sauces, fresh sprouts and salads added the crunchiness to our roll. The prawns were perfectly barbequed and oozed some scintillating flavours that will linger in our memory. A must order dish if you relish some quirky flavours and are visiting with your gang. 

Yakisoba - We chose this Japanese Ramen which is flavoured with yakisoba sauce. This Japanese noodle dish has a phenomenal blend of flavours and is a yummy treat. 

Our dessert, the Raspberry cheese flower is a perfect Michelin creation, which has Cheese mousse with raspberry coulis and sticky cake. The compelling, eye-catching colour and perfection of the dessert is truly commendable. On the flavour front, it has a perfect balance. Do relish the raspberry compote which is neatly sheltered in the centre. This is one dessert which you would surely do a repeat order for. 

For mocktails, we tried Zandaka which has fresh kiwi with overtones of fresh tropical juices and hints of ginger. The eye-pleasing colour perfectly matches the lilting, freshness-loaded flavours. A distinctive original concoction for sure! Coming to the cocktail menu, we loved the detailed coffee-table like menu book with some stunning, spectacular pics. A lot of hard work has been added to the cocktail menu which features cocktails from most parts of the globe. The ingredients have been closely chosen to demarcate the copy-cat versions of cocktails which have infiltrated the fine dining zone. Every cocktail is indigenously innovative, path-breaking and almost like a state-of-the-art sensation. 

Our first cocktail, the Brazilian samba, had Rum pickled sugarcane and brown sugar. The flavours have a leading edge, the rum balancing is well-noticed. A lingering drink with the perfect chilled-moment is strongly recommended. Since the BBQ prawns enthralled us so much, our hostess insisted we try the Merilion gin sling, knowing our choice of opting for something colourful and zingy. This Gin cocktail has fresh pineapple juice, a dash of lime and aromatic homemade bitters. The quantification, dilution, balance, and ingredients used for this cocktail are immaculate. We loved sipping on this one too. 

Having summed up our journey with the gastronomic delights, we still regret missing out on some more of their nouveau creations. AMAZONIA has loads to offer and the repeat element in their menu surely has a true fan follower from our end. 

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