3 Luxury cloud kitchens you must try in Mumbai


There has been a surge in business pertaining to the food delivery options in recent times. #MumbaiHighLife was fortunate to come across some amazing cloud kitchen options which bordered more on the luxury lines.

The food was lip-smacking, each cloud kitchen had an outstanding, distinctive flavour quotient attached to them. These Luxury cloud kitchens are strongly recommended for the Foodie Connoisseur who loves flavourful food.

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The 3 luxury cloud kitchens which you must try are:

Konkanastha - Spice Of Coastal

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Sawayaka - Refreshing Asian Delicacies

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Adrak – Indulgence in Flavour

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#MumbaiHighLife only recommends based on tried-and-tested mode. You can do your bookings from Zomato or Swiggy.

*Pictures have been used for representational purposes.

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