Naina Dsouza - We need to cross the bridge much more to reduce the Generation Gap.


Part of the Mother’s Day special series, Mumbai based Mom Blogger Naina Dsouza sheds some light on the generation gap and also offers some parenting tips which she has imbibed from her mom and some which are her own formulations. Do browse through for some strong revelations.

Is there a generation gap between youngsters with their parents?
Definitely Yes. I and my Parents always had a generation gap and I could never relate to their ways of thinking and vice versa on many aspects of life. I am sure, there must be many youngsters and parents with different opinions, views and lifestyle and as parents we need to cross the bridge much more to reduce the divide.

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As a mom, what is the right way to bring up your child?
Every Mother has the perfect recipe to bring up their children. And my right way to bring up my child is to teach him some principles I strongly believe in:
  • Being independent, so that he can deal with his normal life with ease especially in moments of chaos which the Corona pandemic has created in recent times.
  • Nothing comes Free and Easy.
  • Being a good human is a Priority.
  • Respect every Human and Religion.
  • Be honest, help and learn to adapt / adjust according to the situation.
  • And would definitely give him all other good values which comes from my Mom.

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Any other memories or points besides this which you would like to add.
Yes, definitely.
When I was a Baby, every time anybody would ask me “What you want to become?” My answer would be “Mom”
And I must say, I have achieved my dream. 
My Baby, Adi was the best dream I could have.
Happy Mother’s Day!!

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