Dipna Patel- Studies say men cheat more often than women.


TV actor  Dipna Patel: The woman in every house is the person that binds and supports and holds everyone together. For years our great grandmothers and mothers have selflessly worked for the family and house day and night. Even today in smaller cities and rural areas, women go through tough times as most of them are not very educated and are completely dependent on their husbands. Even if they are abused or ill-treated they have nowhere to go. 

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Rights of many women to live by their own will and on their own terms have been denied across generations. People who misuse power have a disillusioned sense of what is right and wrong and it’s also about their upbringing. Gender has nothing to do with it. Studies say men cheat more often than women.

But It’s true women also cheat. As parents, it’s important to raise kids equally whether boy or girl. Equality begins at home. 

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