What makes SOCIAL'S new overpowering Plant-based menu seductively tempting?


Mumbai's Hospitality segment may seem over-crowded but there are few entrepreneurs and restaurateurs who have managed to create a CULT boomeranging effect which creates a resounding history in the culinary segment. One such dynamic wizard who has always been ahead of times with his innovative, out-of-the-box ideas is RIYAAZ AMLANI – the man who has always been a trendsetter with his iconic (yet profitable ventures) moves and sustained the clouded shadows which most culinary hotspots have had to weather and close shop.

Riyaaz Amlani has created history with SOCIAL, be it for the quirky newspaper menu, funny placards and of course not to mention the blazoning-fresh approach to the dishes. SOCIAL has the GEN Z youth and even corporates literally licking their fingers for the glorious, yummy flavours. With an always-evolving menu, Social has managed to retain the diners with the snazzy genius when it comes to their menus. The latest move is with SOCIAL'S new overpowering Plant-based range in association with Nestlé India is potently powerful and seductively tempting.

WHAT'S HOT IN MUMBAI loved the new menu curation - a test launch of MAGGI Professional’s plant-based range. The products have been used to craft. The New Irresistible Menu, and is available at 42 SOCIAL and 40 BOSS Burger outlets across Delhi (NCR), Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Dehradun and Chandigarh.

Every dish is pure dynamite, hits the right notes on flavours, keeps you yearning for more than just a tasting sample. The dips and chutneys are the cherry on the cake which swoon the healthy plant based creations to the penultimate level.

What we recommend you to try:

With iconic dishes being added to the special menu, we opted for three of the small plates which were surely satiating. The Better Baida roti takes you back to the flavours of Bade Miya in Colaba where this dish found is true glory. Maggi's plant based range is a perfection loaded taste-worth binge, especially from a non-vegetarian's perspective. Our counterpart who is now a vegetarian was zapped with the taste quotient. Vegetarians, especially vegans are on the constant lookout for plant based options which are equally nutritious and healthy. Maggi seems to have surely hit the bull's eye and of course, the credit for the sensational high to the dish goes to the Chef team who made every dish lip-smacking. The drama goes a bit further when you sample the baida roti with the tangy, slightly spicy chutney which adds the zing to your taste buds.

To check the video of the menu, click HERE

The Sensational seekh is another classic which makes a perfect choice for Social's Long Island Iced Tea. Here the chutney is a spiced-up mint version which suits aptly for the succulent kebab. Loved it and yes, this dish is quite a filler! Next on our list (which is surely a must-order) is the Butter garlic No FOMO momo. The stuffing is perfect and juicy, the covering is pitch-perfect, the garlic and mayo dip take the dish to the next level. Absolutely stunning and mouth-watering.

Besides The longest long Island ice tea which we ordered for cocktails, the ls - Pink cream mocktail is thick and slurpy which helps to balance the spice tinge from the dishes. For desserts, we opted for a quirky 'Ramesh & Suresh' dessert which had a charm of its own. A piece of art for sure where you have your favorite 5-star chocolate in a fried version, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Loved the texture, creaminess and the gooey flavours of our favourite chocolate.

We were satisfied with these three dishes although our 'antar atmaa' wanted us to eat more. Koi naa, we will go back again surely for this incredible Plant-based menu.

A Perfect 5 star rating and we surely hope this menu continues to rule the roost – just like every menu trail which holds the perfectly etched stamp of Riyaaz Amlani. Mann tript kar dita ji!!

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