TANGO TAMARI – The Perfect Japanese-Peruvian culinary pilgrimage for Mumbaikars

The latest buzz word in the food connoisseur circles is 'Nikkei'. Although we have tried this cuisine earlier, our recent trip to a #newplacealert in Juhu was spell-binding and memorable.

WHAT'S HOT IN MUMBAI has always ventured and focused on exploring some stunning new variations to the fine-dining connoisseur segment. This hotspot in Juhu created so much buzz that we had to explore it and savor the menu they had to offer. The 'Nikkei' cuisine is a delicious combination of both Japanese and Peruvian ingredients – a cooking style which dates back to the turn of the century -and has influenced chefs everywhere. The delicious collision of traditional cooking and innovative modern cuisine is putting Peruvian cuisine in the global spotlight.

WE WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND a trip to this restaurant which takes you on a culinary pilgrimage to Peru. We chose to skip the sushi and dimsum and focused on the untouched new dishes which we haven't sampled so far. Located at Juhu, TANGO TAMARI pays a fitting tribute to Nikkei cuisine, a fusion of Japanese immigrant culinary traditions and the vibrant flavors of Peru.

This gastronomic masterpiece is the brainchild of Sarabjit Keer and Rishan Keer. The team of experts are the perfect choice to make this venture a resounding success. 

The menu at Tango Tamari is crafted by Mitesh Rangras, the Head Chef, who has curated an array of delectable dishes from the rich and diverse world of Japanese Peruvian cuisine. Every dish we sampled and savored is par excellence, pitch perfect and stunning bold (yet subtle) flavors. A round of applause to the team for this marvelous experience.

To complement the exquisite cuisine, Tango Tamari offers a carefully curated selection of cocktails by Pranav Mody. We tried one cocktail which surely swooned our senses. The interior narrative of Tango Tamari weaves sophistication, the green marble flooring exudes opulence, adorning the indoor restaurant, basement, and the enchanting al fresco dining. There is an eclectic feel about the decor, the outdoor seating space is creatively done up with some greenery and elegantly crafted lighting options. Surely an award winning interior decor by Misbah Kapadia of Design Konstruct.

Here are our recommendations:

Although the Moringa soup is a clear soup, you will be endlessly sipping on it till the bowl is empty. The thai herbs are perfectly blended with lemongrass and ginger. The slight spice tinge is amazing, the finely cut tender coconut strips are a treat to munch on. Don't forget to order this one.

For salads, we ordered the tender coconut ceviche which is the perfect fresh and healthy appetizer for a balmy evening. Young coconut takes the place of seafood in this traditional dish and it's an absolutely wonderful and creamy substitute. Plus, this dish is packed with crisp vegetables, corn kernels, Jalapeno, coconut milk, pickled ginger, water chestnut, and a healthy dose of mandarin segments, aji amarillo post that makes it the utterly refreshing dangerously good to dip your with the corn chips which are added to the platter.

We also tasted the Avo Crown salad which is another healthy option. A piece of art in the form of the avo crown is a visual delight with some color breakers. The bed of Sushi rice is topped with fresh edamame, crispy nori, dragon fruit, wasabi mayo. The mayo adds the tingling quotient, do add some soya drizzle if you want some much punch to bolden the avocado flavor.

To check the video, click HERE

Next in line was the Wild mushroom Larb in Lettuce cups. Although we were a bit skeptical on opting for this one, we were stunned with the variation and twist to the dish. Imagine feasting on Shredded bamboo, baby spinach, water chestnuts, roasted black rice which are perfectly concocted with fresh red chilli and tamarind dressing. We loved the crispy mushroom bits which weren't so noticeable but that's the perfect camouflaging trick from the Chef's creation.

For our non vegetarian counterpart we ordered the slow Roast pork belly, hoping it would be a small portion. Our test for tasting pork every time is the Chef's utopian skill to ensure that the pork is soft yet chewy and not to rubbery. This dish successfully won the challenge. The succulent Vietnamese tamarind chilli glaze creates a sensational wizardry with the pickles, lettuce and herbs.

The Steamed Snapper Fillet in Banana leaf is another show-stopper of a dish. The Ikan bakar style is lip-smacking, the sticky rice bed is amazing. You are also served with some fragrant mango chilli sauce and crushed peanut onion salad which add more zing to the dish.

Our server forced us to try the Katsu curry bowl which has a golden curry, sticky rice, edamame and soft tofu. A luscious, heavenly and not to be missed main course meal.

For desserts, we opted for distinctive and unique variations from the menu. The Japanese Nama chocolates with Baileys and Kablua flavour are seductively rich, creamy and sublimly glorious. You will surely end up packing an extra helping to relish at home. Another stunner of a dessert was the Ice cream taster platter which included a Kaafir lime, tender coconut and Hass Avocado all in one serving. The ice creams were freshly made, had the Japanese-Peruvian touch to them. Rich, creamy and we bet you won't feel sinful about the calories.

This #newplacealert in Juhu is surely a must-go-to option for Mumbai’s fine dining connoisseurs. A PERFECT 10 STAR RATING, WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI will be back again for the superfluous service, exotic food, scintillating cocktails and yummy desserts. Our sincere appreciation to Sudhir, Kartikeya, Pawan and the entire team for pampering us to the hilt. 

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