Taftoon’s Bengal and Chittagong Food Trail is an Epicurean Delight.


During Durga Puja, we were so tempted to feast on the non-vegetarian delicacies available at most of the pandals. Unfortunately during this phase, due to our religious beliefs we chose to abstain from the non-veg fare. Taking our culinary tryst further, WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI ventured to savour some of the iconic Bengali dishes which had oodles of inferences from the rich, cultural and culinary heritage of Bengal and Chittagong.

Our sojourn with TAFTOON Mumbai goes a long way. We have always relished the magical, perfection loaded mix of retaining the authentic essence with that subtle tinge of innovativeness to their menu. TAFTOON POWAI was our ideal go-to place - the serene ambience, the pitch perfect service from the team, the tongue-tickling flavours that created a magical symphony - our desires were drenched with memorable moments of savouring a perfect Chittagong food trail journey. 

The portion sizes are good-for-two, the choices are enormous - each dish is a perfect masterpiece - TAFTOON POWAI surely deserves a FIVE STAR RATING  from WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI.  And yes, the same menu is also available at their BKC outlet. 

Here are some of the iconic dishes we feasted on: 


Lebu Chingri Soup - This Fragrant lemon and prawn soup is a Hazardauri Palace recipe from Murshidabad. You can find grated fresh coconut which blends well with the flavoured lemon leaf. It is one of those soups which has a sweet flavour thanks to the hint of coconut milk. A fabulous change to the normal soups, you would love slurping on it. For the added touch to the name, you have a king-size prawn and lemon slice stuck to a long stick. A marvelous creation. 


Fish Kobiraji is one of the best cutlets we have tasted. This creation is glamorously different from what we have tried in Kolkata. The portion size is huge, the fresh bekhti cutlets are a treat to feast on with the creamy dip and the laced egg net is a crunchy delight. Subtle flavourful splashes within the cutlets make the taste more enjoyable.

'Railway' Kosha chops is another showstopper of a dish. Inspired from the British era, the kosha chops were created just for long train journeys. You will relish the tender goat ribs marinated in poppy, onion-ginger-garlic paste, haldi and lal mirch, slowly 'bhunaoed' in a cast iron pot, finished with sour tamarind. One of the most delectably, distinctive dishes which shouldn’t be missed. You will love the luscious spread of masalas which create magic to the taste buds. 


Goalando steamer curry - Apparently inspired by a dish from the Rajbari port in Bangladesh. It is one of those quick curries made on board steamers while crossing the seas. A fluid gravy which has the base of onions, tumeric, chillies and red chilli ground to a paste on a stone slab. The spices create an ingenious magic which make this another slurp-it-up and enjoy dish. You can pair this with the rice or even the luchi option. 

To check the video, click HERE

Daab Chingri is one of the most iconic dishes from the coastal Bengal region. The dramatics to this creation is that the prawns are cooked with onion paste, ghee, and coconut flesh inside the tender green coconut shell, then sealed and baked in the oven. A sweet gravy with a soft tinge of lilting spice creates a magical symphony when you sweep it with the Radha Bollobhi luchi. This luchi is soft, pillowy and quite different from our oil-loaded puris. The spiced and mashed green peas stuffing make these fried Bengali Puris a relishable experience.

For Dessert, we opted for Kolkata’s famous Baked Jaggery Rosogolla which is a speciality at the sweet shops of Chitranjan. The chena balls sweetened with jaggery, soaked in thickened milk and baked excel at giving a culminating sweet ending to our meal without being overloaded on the sweetness quotient. 

Go ahead and plan a trip with your entire family to TAFTOON POWAI and indulge in the grand experience of this amazing menu. 

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