NEW MENU GOURMET DELIGHTS AT ‘KANGAN’ - The Westin Mumbai Garden City’s restaurant.

Embrace the past, as you savor the future’ - the maxim for The Westin Mumbai Garden City’s restaurant KANGAN’s newly curated menu, lives up supremely to the charm of India’s culinary spirit. The enchanting menu curated by Chef Mohammad Danish (and his team) is an exquisite gourmet experience. His attestations guarantee that every dish we savored and tasted is a nostalgic journey to the Royal Kitchens. EVERY DISH IS A SPARKLING EPIPHANY TO A GASTRONOMIC GOURMET DELIGHT!!!

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI loved most about the tasting menu served to us is that the dishes are lightly balanced, exploring progressive ideas in Indian cuisine while maintaining the traditional culinary integrity of signature dishes. All delicacies in the new menu curation highlight the fine blend of rich traditions mixed with contemporary modernity, paying homage to timeless recipes with robust flavors from exotic spices.

Chef Mohammad Danish and his team showcase a fresh a la carte menu highlighting robust flavors from the erstwhile North-West frontier and Mughlai provinces. Inspired by the authentic culinary traditions of the Middle East, Iran, and Afghanistan, the food incorporates the evolved richness of indigenous curries from various regions across India.

What we noticed here was that the gravies weren’t too heavy, the dynamism laid more emphasis on the tingling spice quotient in various myriad quotients each different from the other. The sizzle, tingle and zing that emanated from the dishes left us with the feel-good delight. A perfect balance of retaining the robust flavours and offering a dramatic aromatic experience. 

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We sampled almost 16 dishes (4 starters, 4 main courses each from the veg and non veg platter) and each one had an authentic gourmet flavor attached to it. The Paneer Azami Tikka had some ballistic tangy flavours that simmered high with every bite. The Subz ki Shikampuri and Maska Broccoli had a quixotic twist that lent the WOW factor to perfection. The non veg fare had an assortment of kebabs with the galawati kebab being an absolute winner - this one was the ultimate melt-in-the-mouth creation which we haven’t even experienced before in Lucknow. 

Other iconic dishes which make your slurp are the  Gosht Bemisal and Chowk ki Nihari. Our taste testings are always based on the nihari softness and the oozing, self-induced gravies for a meat dish. Stunning and slurpy, you would languish with ecstasy with the subtle yet potently loaded flavours of these dishes. The Dal Kangan and Subz Ambiya ke kofte are scene-stealers and totally mesmerizing. The breads, Naan-e-bachkumach and taftan created shockwaves for us since we have always skipped breads and loved munching on these. 

On the dessert front, the Balai ka tukda and dry fruit halwa seemed to have underplayed the ‘happy ending’ to an exotic meal. Surely memorable, these could be tweaked a bit to make us scream as a finale bonanza.  

KANGAN boasts of an exquisite ornate ambience bejeweled with scenic views of the city, an array of cocktails eloquently paired to suit the menu and of course exemplary service. So if you are looking for a complete, distinctive dining experience which is a far cry from the heavy ornate curry houses so associated with Indian food - you ought to visit KANGAN at The Westin Mumbai Garden City with your family and friends. .

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