Ummrao Mumbai hosts the culinary marvel ‘Sair-e-Kashmir’ food festival


INDIA, a country where vibrant cultures dance harmoniously, where historical treasures stand tall, and where delectable cuisine transports you to a world of flavors. If you’re longing for an adventure that blends history, culture, and fantastic flavours - you have to get an experiential trip with India’s culinary marvel. KASHMIRI WAZWAN is not just food, it is a lifestyle. Every stage requires skill, perfection, and mastery. The flavorsome dishes are so delicious that they are enjoyed worldwide and continue to be an integral part of celebrations and hospitality. 

It’s time to captivate the taste buds of food enthusiasts and transport them to the picturesque valleys of Kashmir. Chef Azmat Ali Mir and Sarposh, a renowned restaurant from Bengaluru are hosting a pop-up which features the Kashmiri delicacies of the cuisine. The ‘Sair-e-Kashmir’ Food Festival is being held at Ummrao Mumbai, 6th July - 16th July 2023. 

The name Wazwan is a combination of two words, Waz meaning cook and Wan meaning shop. The reason why it is known as Wazwan is because it requires the expertise of many cooks to prepare the dishes, which are then served by the Vasta Wazas or the Head Chef.

Wazwan is an intrinsic part of Kashmiri weddings and culture, used to demonstrate hospitality and respect. No celebration is complete without it. And our visit to savour this exotic Indian culinary marvel feast was no less than a grand wedding. Kudos to the couple, Chef Azmat Ali Mir & her husband (and strong support system) Azeem Syed who showcased traditional and contemporary flavors, complementing the Kashmiri delicacies and creating an unforgettable fusion experience. 

Azmat and Azeem briefed us on the intricacies of the cuisine. Primarily a meat-centred cuisine, we enjoyed the vegetarian variations too. Azmat,  a passionate Cultural Entrepreneur from Srinagar, Kashmir has made significant contributions to Kashmiri cuisine and it's authentic representation. In 2018, Azmat moved to Bangalore after getting married. She started a corporate career as a Computer Science engineer but soon realized her true passion was showcasing her Kashmiri identity. Inspired by her roots, she created Sarposh, a platform for authentic Kashmiri experiences. Starting as a cloud kitchen, she tested the market through stalls at flea markets. With positive market response, she transformed Sarposh into a full-fledged restaurant.

In this video, Chef Azmat talks briefly about the food festival and her vision of the cuisine. Click HERE to watch it

For the food video, do click HERE

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI VERDICT -  The 7-course meal curated by Chef Azmat is surely an endearing memory for all those who haven’t yet feasted on the Wazwan. Every dish is a masterpiece where flavours rule high. The vegetarians also have some dynamic and iconic dishes which ooze the authentic flavours of the Kashmiri cuisine. It's a culinary treat to savor Kashmiri delicacies like rogan josh, goshtaba, Tabak Maaz and some more. The food texture is absolutely flavoursome, each gravy offer those tingling sensations to the palate. The meat portions are perfectly cooked and don’t shy away from eating with your hands. The culinary journey begins with the most aromatic kahwah you have ever tried. The kebabs, the meat ribs, the succulent and fully loaded meat balls, the rajma - all are a fantastic treat. This food fiesta is surely a must visit for all meat lovers. 

Rating - 5 Stars!

Make sure you book your tables at Ummrao Mumbai. The festival dates are 6th July - 16th July 2023.

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