Don't miss this - Magical, Mystical Mediterranean Menu from KYMA at Bandra Bkc


Due to its sheer size and the variety on offer, Mumbai’s Bandra Bkc is rightfully regarded as a culinary paradise. While most offer a plethora of unique cuisines, there are restaurants that stand above the rest. Whether it's because of the interior decoration, the presentation of the dishes, the flavor combinations or some other factor, these places have you leaving with a stunned look on your face and gushing to all your friends about how they absolutely have to go there. We happened to venture into one such restaurant which had launched a new menu and noticed the BIG WOW FACTOR. Are you ready to have your mind blown? Read on, to find out more.

Maybe you have something to celebrate or perhaps you just want to treat yourself to a meal that’s a little bit fancier than usual. When you want the highest standards of food and service, fine dining restaurants always ensure that the food takes centre stage. WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI was surely mesmerized with the restaurant's stunning ambiance which skillfully complemented the new menu launch of Mediterranean flavors perfectly. Our trip to KYMA at Bandra Bkc zapped us with the inviting ambience - be it the charming outdoor seating to the cozy cabanas and the inviting gazebo, every corner is a picturesque backdrop for your dining experience. 

What impressed us more were the bold flavors, fresh Mediterranean ingredients, an enticing menu and of course a glorious meal with variations we have always wanted to experiment with. KYMA beckoned us to embark on a gastronomic journey with their mouthwatering and authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Executive Chef Krishna Tiwari and his entire team ensured we had some fascinating and alluring memories of not just the food, cocktails but also the impeccable service and tantalizing desserts. 

Here are our recommendations:

For cocktails, we would strongly endorse The Firecracker - an amazingly stimulating flavor that hits on hard. Mandarin sour is a different take which is surely soothing and tangy. 

For starters, we chose to have 3 variations (out of the 7) of the Pita pockets. The Smoked tahini prawns, Green Harissa potato and Classic labneh shug cottage cheese pockets - each one of a fulfilling relish when mapped elaborately with the game-changing dips. The portion size is quite filling so make sure you order one of your favourite choices. Also go kooky and splash the dips liberally to enjoy the pita pockets more. 

Chef Krishna insisted we try the Cantonese Steamed tofu which is a masterpiece for sure. The softest of silken tofu creates a sensational ballad of flavors with the Cantonese glaze. This is a must-order for the vegetarians and rest assured you will miss the flavors and go back once more just for this dish.

Since the new Mediterranean menu was launched, we thought best to opt out of the hummus platter. We chose to experiment with a small portion of the Citrus malta orange and harissa hummus. Quite a visual treat, we treasured the creamiest texture and subtle notes of citrus. You will surely end up washing the entire plate of this one. 


For mains, we ordered the Mushroom Harissa seekh kebab which was stunning and spectacular. Sharp sizzling spicy notes changed the notes of our taste buds into captivating moments of sheer relish. Stunning for sure. 

Next on our list was the Egyptian Koshari which we hadn’t tried so far in Mumbai. An Egyptian ode to our very own Khichdi, this dish had the most immaculately, aromatic flavors. Regaled with a wholesome confluence of nuts and dry fruits, we loved the zingy marination of the cottage cheese which takes the dish to the next level. A standalone dish which has innumerable flavors creating salsa at the same time in unison. 

For desserts, we chose to opt for the Baklava cheesecake. Our bid was more to find the different dimensions to this dessert vis-à-vis the other famous baklava treat from a competitor. This Baklava Cheesecake is an absolute winner and notches above any baklava or cheesecake you would have relished so far. The sweetness quotient is impeccable and bang-on. The rose petal ice cream adds the energized oomph to the dessert. End your meal with another bestseller - the Caramel Cappuccino before you leave. 

Well, these were our choices and surely there are loads more new dishes which one should be adventurous enough to explore. KYMA’s new menu is action-packed and dynamite and that’s the reason why we would be going back soon again….after a week of detox!

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