Chef Jeewan Singh’s food fest ‘Kitchens of the Royal Begums of Bhopal’ is a super-hit.


Our quest for unique and lost recipes continues. This time it takes us to Trident Bkc where inspired by royal culinary traditions, Chef Jeewan Singh, Executive Chef of Jehan Numa Palace, Bhopal presents a menu celebrating the ancestral recipes from the Kitchens of the Royal Begums of Bhopal at Maya.

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Bhopal is known for many things: its nawabi culture, its lakes, and its many heritage monuments. The Nawabi cuisine does figure high on a connoisseurs list. The royal dishes range from the popular rizala to melt-in-the-mouth kebabs, delicately spiced kormas and rice preparations in numerous varieties.

Chef Jeewan Singh
, the Executive Chef of Jehan Numa Palace Bhopal, who holds the baton high in ensuring the culinary standards reign supreme at the Jehan Numa Palace and the restaurants live up to the rich cultural heritage, taste and flavours of Bhopal’s nawabi cuisine. Tracing Bhopal’s royal cuisine, we ventured to the food festival ‘Kitchens of the Royal Begums of Bhopal’ which was hosted at Maya, Trident Bkc. After years of close-guarded secrecy, Chef Jeewan curated a menu by unfolding the secret recipes of the Begums of Bhopal.

Our Review on the food:

The city's royal cuisine is an amalgamation of various flavours and has predominantly remained relatively under the radar. The gravies and kormas are lighter and have the home-made taste. Although the spices are milder, the subtle tinge of the rustic spice is very evident in every dish. On the kebab front, we loved the succulent, tender and yet juicy flavours that every meat portion lets out. A perfect touch on the grilling without overdoing the tenderness in the quest for adding the crunch element. 

There may be some inferences or comparisons of the Bhopali cuisine with the Lucknowi or Awadhi cuisine, but we loved the subtle yet overpowering richness of the spice tinge. There is a rustic and wholesome charm which is note-worthy. 

The food festival has an option of a set menu thali for lunch and an A La Carte menu for dinner or a set menu also. The tasting portions are amazing since you can treat and feast yourself on a varied range. Every dish is an immaculate masterpiece with endearing flavors of the nawabi culture. Rating - 5 Stars!


The Non veg kebab platter - Pankhi kebab , Bhopali malai tikka , Bhopali tali machali, Chapli kebab. Minute detailing has been taken care of a different spice element to every kebab. A wonderful treat without any gimmicky jazz added to the dish or the presentation. 

The Veg kebab platter - Kumbh galouti , Rajma sabz ki shammi, Paneer malai tikka. Absolutely stunning, the vegetarians will love this. 

Main course - Bhopali nehari, Bhopali murgh rizala, Murgh makhane ka korma, Yakhani pulao, Baghar Ki kadhi, Paneer rizala, Nadru ke kofte. If you notice all these dishes are iconic legacies with India’s cultural heritage. You would refrain from making any comparisons with the other cuisines since the flavours are pure bliss. A dynamite curation for sure!

Desserts - Sewaiyan ka muzzafir, Chana daal halwa. A perfect ending with the perfect dose of the sweetness punch. 

Don’t miss this royal dining experience which is available between 22nd June and 1st July, 2023 at Maya, Trident Bkc. (Lunch and Dinner - 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm, 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm)

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