What to eat at BKC's latest Hotspot PLEO?


Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) is surely the best Foodie Heaven for Mumbai food lovers. Not just are the cuisines dynamically different, the decors stunningly beautiful but most of them are the perfect party zones for family and friends. Read on  to find out our culinary food explorer journey to PLEO - the latest hotspot in BKC.

The name ‘Pleo’ means ‘more,’ and you can be assured that you’ll get more than what you expect in terms of quality, culinary innovation, the overall dining experience, and more. PLEO, an exquisite all-day restaurant should surely be on your Bucket list so you can relish a plethora of global delicacies.


The entire restaurant, including the bar, is bathed in hues of royal blue and gold, which gives it a refined, luxurious feel. The huge windows lining the space make it look more spacious than it seems and give it an old-world charm. Kudos to the team for magically orchestrating some pompous, artistically brilliant, rich, seductive and pure exotica. The cocktails are a treat and the desserts are dollops of sweet love with a sizzle of sin element. 

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI loved the inviting, classy ambience and  multitude of options when it comes to food. While most diners have been posting the usual, done-to-death sushi and pizza, we chose to dwell deeper and try the exotic, untouched dishes to evaluate the flavor levels. We loved PLEO for their elated, energized menu range which gives a Global feel to your choices. While at PLEO, make it an endeavor to try either the Indian variants which are fabulous with their uniqueness in flavors and mild but smoldering variants to what you have tried. 

The service is impeccable, the crew loves to indulge you with choices. Browsing through their menu tempts us to make another visit to delve into some more of their unique dishes which are surely tempting. 

Here are our quirky choices and yes, PLEO deserves not just the drum rolls but repeated visits to savor the exquisite passion from their menu. 


Mango burrata salad - One of the creamiest burrata we have tried in recent times. The perfect finesse with the tangy, sweet flavors make this a perfect start - especially since it has the king of fruits as the baseline. 


Kathal Galouti with Spiced Apricot and Wine Gel and Sweet Potato Salli will mesmerise you with the creamiest texture and melt-in-the-mouth perfect tinge. We did notice the repetitive addition of Potato salli in a couple of other dishes too but this inclusion is surely welcome. 

To check the video, click HERE

Lamb seekh kebab with smoked eggplant mousse, micro salad and cauliflower cream is well doused with aromatic fragrances and the ingenious spice elements create a profound havoc with the taste buds. Blending the kebab with the eggplant mousse and cauliflower cream draws inspiration from Mediterranean cuisine and does magic to the amalgamation just aptly. 

Truffle edamame dimsum is an action-packed taste-breaker for us. Just perfect with the magical dips. 


Rajasthan laal maas with Salli potatoes is a celestial  Sierra of dynamism to perfection. An underlay of the spice quotient when compared to the original highly spice version, this one is an ecstatic enchantment which should never be missed. You would love slurping on the rich gravy and nibbling on the soft meat chunks. 

Kimchi fried rice - another phenomenal sensation. No need to order anything extra with it, just let the juices of the veggies flow in and crackle your taste buds. 


Noel Gur Payasam Ice Cream with Ginger Bread Crumbs with Chickmangloor coffee ice cream and macerated pineapple - A stunning creation, perfect on the sweetness quotient and a foolproof blend of the rustic Indian flavours. 

We would recommend Passionfiona as a mocktail and Pepino Picante for the cocktail connoisseurs. 

As a parting shot, we would surely recommend you to visit PLEO and relish not just a hearty meal but indulge on a gastronomic elegance which PLEO and the team has to offer!

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