Mother's Day Gifting - Treat your MOM with GBS’s secret Turkish Beauty Rituals


Mothers deserve it all, which makes choosing the best gifts for mom a true feat. And with Mother's Day on the horizon, there's no better time than now to shop for the woman herself. Because of her many facets, her taste is diverse. It’s time to pamper her with some luxury gifts since MOM always appreciates some beauty secrets that enhance her life for the better.
Although the market is packed with products, it can sometimes be hard to find something that speaks to our beloved mothers. So if you are looking for gifts created specifically to pamper your momma, you must surely opt for the brand GBS.

Global Beauty Secrets
is a celebration of the collective wisdom of women. They have infused the latest scientific knowledge with ancient rituals and beauty secrets of women around the world. They have discovered the lost beauty rituals of queens like Cleopatra, or Japanese women of Nara period and explored multitude of rituals hidden in Turkish Hammam or whispered by Turkish women in the Ottoman era.
Your Mom surely needs to explore the magic of global rituals and beauty secrets interlaced with high performance ingredients. Our recommendations are:

Turkish Rose And Mint Shampoo & Turkish Rose and Mint Conditioner

This shampoo and conditioner boasts of the presence of Rose extract that helps in strengthening the roots, promote hair growth and revitalize the hair. It also has hydrating properties that moisturizes the dry hair and keeps the frizz at bay, Whereas Mint is used for the rejuvenation, soothing and healing of the scalp. Armed with anti-microbial properties, mint extracts help in effectively cleansing and soothing the scalp.

Turkish Rhassoul Mineral Mud

Inspired from an ancient purification ritual that has both healing and transformative powers, the Turkish Hammam encourages skin smoothing, increases circulation, stimulates the immune system, releases toxins, and is an excellent way to relax and melt away stress with Rhassoul being at the heart of it. This magical multi tasking mineral mud enriched with anti microbial Rosemary and Tea tree oil is rich with minerals like Silica which is upto 60%, magnesium upto 20% among other minerals which helps strengthen your scalp, skin health, gently exfoliate and also nourish it, as well as soften the hair strands.

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