MEDITERRANEA offers Mumbai's Exquisite, Delectable Ramadhan Iftar Feast Meal boxes.


The Holy Month of Ramadan brings forth a series of delicacies which are balanced with the fasting season. While Indian dishes are commonly ordered, we chose to deviate from the usual track and opted for a Middle East Feast which was pure magic. Read on to know more.

WHAT'S HOT IN MUMBAI continues to scream loud from rooftops about MEDITERRANEA right from the time it launched its exquisite cloud kitchen under the umbrella of Mediterranea by Creative Eats LLP. Not only were we mystified with the immaculate richness of the multitude of flavours but also with the perfect absorption of the true original flavours of the Middle Eastern cuisine. Over the months, we noticed the retainment of the perfect flavours with consistency. Hats off to the team for the amazing menu. 

For the holy month of Ramadan, Mediterranea has come up with two delicious offerings - the Chicken Iftar Box and Lamb Iftar Box. Packed with a perfect blend of flavours, the Chicken Iftar Box, which is priced at just ₹650 plus GST comes with juicy Chicken Kafta Kebap, succulent Shish Taouk with Grilled Veggies, refreshing Garden Salad, creamy Hummus, aromatic Buttered Rice, crispy Falafel, delicious French Fries, Toum, sweet Dates, and two soft and fluffy Pita Breads. The Lamb Iftar Box, on the other hand, priced at just ₹675 plus GST, is a celebration of tender and flavorful lamb, with Istanbul Kebap Lamb, Shish Taouk with Grilled Veggies, Garden Salad, Hummus, Buttered Rice, Falafel, French Fries, Toum, Dates, and two Pita Breads.

To add some variance, we also requested them for 2 variations with the vegetarian varieties. The flavours for all three variants is dazzling, extremely satiating for the quantity, a magical journey to gastronomic ecstasy. A PERFECT TEN to perfection with all check-boxes ticked. Kiran Salaskar & Mahesh Malkani, Co-founders of Mediterranea have done wonders on the flavour quotient and have the perfect premium, spill-proof package. Go ahead and set the ideal party mood while inviting your family and friends for an Iftar treat. Our strong recommendations assure you of a delicious and fulfilling Iftar experience. 

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Call/Whatsapp: 9820007347 / 9820007437

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