Tata Simply Better revolutionizes the plant-based meat products category!


TATA CONSUMER PRODUCTS has always impressed us with their premium quality, competitive pricing and an assurance to fulfil the needs of its consumers. For not many who aren't aware, Tata Consumer Products (TCP) is the food and beverage arm of the Tata Group. They have receently made a foray into plant-based meat alternative products area under a new brand name, "Tata Simply Better."

This initiative came forward as part of the expansion of its product line into a new area with this new brand. The aim is to appeal to consumers who want to use more plant-based ingredients for health, the environment, or other factors.

The company further mentioned that consumers are moving toward healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyles, and this trend is reflected in the food choices they choose. As a result, plant-based diets are gaining popularity and acceptance.

As part of Simply Better, four delicious plant-based meat variants have been launched - Nuggets, Burger Patty, Awadhi Seekh Kebab and Spicy Fingers. It has said the product range is rich in protein, it is trans fat free and has no added preservatives, artificial colours or artificial flavours.

It has said while regular meat/ alternative meat products need to be refrigerated, Simply Better can be stored at room temperature making this a convenient and travel friendly product. The products are priced between Rs. 350-450 and will be available across India in select retail outlets and on ecommerce platforms.

WHAT'S HOT IN MUMBAI strongly recommends TATA SIMPLY BETTER for the prime reasons that one is assured of great quality, amazing pricing and a definitive choice especially in the party food segment. The packaging innovation and storage capabilities add more value to the brand. On the taste front, a non vegetarian is equally impressed with the protein intake, the zingy flavours are noteworthy. We loved every alternative TATA SIMPLY BETTER offers since plant based alternatives is the way to go forward. And yes, the kids love it too.

Go ahead and order them from either their website or other online shopping alternatives.

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